He Re-Created the Sindia
Over a century ago, Sindia, a 329 foot, ship ran aground off New Jersey. And as Mark Steele tells us, Ian Hunt spent 14 years building a wonderful model of the four-masted Barque.

PDR286 RANGER - Part 2
Along with 4 other PDRacers, Jon Kowitz successfully completed this year's Texas200. Here is part 2 of Jon's series on designing and building his expediton PDR, "Ranger".

A New Blackberry 14 in Canada
8 or 9 years ago, John Bell drew up a little rowing dory and offered the plans free on his website. A number have been built from the downloads including this 14 footer by Mike Shannon.

Building Pathfinder - Part 6
Perry Burton covers two big milestones in boatbuilding this time: The first turnover and painting. For him, the former is remarkably easy and the latter somewhat more problematic.

A 31' Handbuilt Houseboat
When you need a boat to do a certain job and you can't find one to buy, you may have to build your own boat. But as Justin Julian explains, there are some shortcuts you can take.


Half Hull Models: Part 1 - Then and Now
This is the first of a series of three articles on half hull models by noted boating writer Paul Esterle. In this part, Paul explains why and how these models came to be made in the first place.

Redecking a Blue Jay - Part 3
In this installment of his series, Bob Booth struggles with the traditional deck of canvas bedded in lead. Fortunately, he is able to find an alternative for the lead while still using canvas.


Life on the Ocean Wave - A kid's point of view
How many of us have dreamed of living aboard a yacht and sailing to foreign ports? Cheree Bowdidge's dad built such a boat and the family cruised it for 11 years. This is her story.

The Sprucegoose Splashes Down
Since Brian Anderson lives in France, he gets to paddle among medieval buildings and other romantic surroundings, but the going is not easy and there are some unromantic aspects.

Who Needs to be a Millionaire?nd with her son
Harold Duffield has made two extended cruises down the Mississippi River: One with his daughter when she was 12 years old and the secowhen he was 12 years old.


Inspired by the Texas200, Paul Moffitt is organizing a similar event for North Carolina's Outer Banks. In this article he gives some background and his ideas and hopes for the OBX130.

The Texas200 - Two Points of View
Bobby Chilek and his daughter, Kristen both wrote about their experiences on the Texas200. Their differences were so compelling that we decided to post them side-by-side.


Unreasonable Boat Desire
If anyone can convince you that you should avoid Bigger Boat Fever, it is probably Ross Lillistone. After all, he has designed, built and sailed a raft of small boats and should know.

Where The Wind Blows
It is not what  model sailboaters sail, rather that they do sail that makes the hobby both varied and exciting. In addition to modeling this interesting hat, Mark Steele gives a full report.

Lessons from America
There is no doubt that boats today look different than they did 250 years ago. They work differently too. In this month's column, Paul Austin looks at some aspects of boat design.

Book Review: "The Sharpie Book"
Today is a twofer. Suffice it to say I sort of lost track of this piece by Bill Moffitt and need to shoehorn it in here. But this is no fluff piece. There is good information and a lesson learned.

What is Boatbuilding
Most folks come to boatbuilding without really knowing what it is. Paul Boyer is one. But he is learning fast and better yet putting down what he has learned in a most eloquient manner.

Welding 101
If you are like me you have an old welder in the garage but you don't feel competent enough to use it. Well, read Rob Rohde-Szudy's lesson and you will be welding in 15 minutes.


A Boat Named Alice
This article first appeared in MAIB. In it, Chuck Corwin takes us through the process of designing and building a ten pound, skin-on-frame kayak that will fit into a backpack. Seriously!

John Welsford decided to design and build a boat reminiscent of one he cruised in as a teenager. Pilgrim is an open water capable open cruising dinghy that can fulfill your dreams too.


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