Building EasyB in One "Easy" Month
When I got an invitation for two to paddle the Rio Grande River, I asked my friend Skip Johnson. I figured he would be able to build a boat for the trip in a month if anyone could.

One Sheet Wonders
In this story from Phillip McCracken down in New Zealand, we learn about his efforts to feed his "healthy obsession" to creat floatable plywood boats. He seems to be getting on fine.

Adding Art to your Favorite “Build”…
Glynn Sirmans has reported on building Totos here before. He has also shown some of his wonderful art work on those boats. Now he tells some of the secrets that lead to his success.

Building Pathfinder - Part 4
For the fourth installment of Perry Burton's story about his build of a John Welsdord Pathfinder, he chose the subtitle "Planking Nightmares" but as you'll see from the photos, he did just fine.


Another Approach to Shaping Foils
Ross Langford has come up with a really easy method for shaping foils - it is for you, at least. He spent a lot of time doing the math and creating a spreadsheet and even a template.

Redecking a Blue Jay - Part 1 - Fore Deck Structure
In tough economic times, it may make more sense to rebuild a classic like this than to build new. This time, Bob Booth takes you from extracting screws to replacing the mast partner.

Building a home made Chart Plotter
If you lust after a chartplotter, don't worry, In this documented and illustrated story, Harry James shows you step-by-step how to make your own. It won't cost an arm and a leg, either.


Philsboat Coastal New Zealand Camping Trip
Way down on New Zealand's South Island, Rob Kellock has built a Philsboat and has been taking some adventurous trips in it. Here he gives an account of one trip plus lessons learned.

Sailing to the Dry Tortugas
It was a relatively short offshore trip and Larry Whited was prepared - he had all the necessary gear and had planed down to the last detail. But things can go wrong any time, any where.


Blown Away at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart!
We are very fortunate to have Greg Fleming reporting on these boat festivals down under - especially since he does such a great job of photographing the boats and people at them.


Swirly World, some place sometime long ago, a schooner called Martha and the model boats of Andreas Gondesen
Mark Steele takes another monthly dive into the waters` of the world of model sailing boats’.

The Eggnoggin School
This is the first of what I hope are many regular columns by Paul Austin. Paul writes both technical articles as well as whimsical fiction. This time it is definitely one of the latter.

Aluminum Casting - Part 2
In the second part of Rob Rohde-Szudy's series on Aluminum casting, he finishes the project he started last month. The basics are certainly there for you to do your own metal casting.


KD 650
In a lifetime of designing and building catamarans, Bernd Kohler has learned a few things and he puts much of that knowlege to work in this new coastal cruising catamaran.

Mushulu 12
Australian Mark Bowdidge has drawn much more than another fishing boat/yacht tender. His many years drawing and using such boats gives him an advantage you can profit from.

Forest & Stream
Here is a set of free plans for anyone who wants a nice little flattie skiff for rowing or sailing. Sergey Sinelnikov from Russia sent them and they are 1st class with drawings and photos.

Casa Cat
This may just be the holy grail of small catamarans. Terry Culley has designed a spacious yet easily trailerable boat that assembles quickly on a special trailer - he is selling plans too!


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