Last year three intrepid sailors amazed the world by completing the Texas200. Jon Kowitz wanted to be one of them but could not make it happen. This year he will and here is his new boat.

Building an 18ft Trailer sailer: Waller TS540
Don't be fooled by the title of this article. This is much more than a building log. Robert Ditterich actually discusses more of the "why" than the "how" of our boat building hobby.

Building Little Leon – A 16’ Brigantine
When Doug McKenzie was 12, he built his first model sailing ship. It took him two years. By the time he got to the rigging, he was thinking about building one big enough to sail...

I'd say "Now for something completely different", but that is obvious. Luis Grauer saw this huge trimaran - yes, I said trimaran - being built on the beach at Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Flock of Egrets
Many of us had brushes with boat building as kids and some of us picked the habit up again many years later. David Donaldson is one of those and he is making up for lost time.

Building Pathfinder - Part 3
I love Perry Burton's subtitle for this installment: So Where's This Boat of Yours?. The early stages of a project can be pretty slow, but once you have a framework up - things change...


A tale of 3 Sails
Grahame Harris build a John Welsford Truant and documented his adventures in these pages. But until now, he was never entirely happy with his sail, until he bought a balanced lug.

Radar Reflector Revisited
Tom Schultz came up with a great radar reflector design and published an article about it here in 2007. Now Tom has decided that he needs to clarify the construction technuque.

Candlestick Ports
Whether for the challenge or out of necessity, all of us have had to make do by using materials at hand. I think Mike Gill's homemade portlights came out better than most examples.


Wharf Inspections
When Perry Burton got an email from his brother Dennis, it seemed pretty ordinary but when Dennis began to relate his recent experience at work, well, Perry just had to share.


2008 Lake Pepin Messabout
For several years now, Bill Paxton has been organizing the Lake Pepin Messabout. I am sad to say I have not made it yet, but you shoud go this year. Here is the story from last year.

CENTEX Small Boat Messabout
Steve Lansdowne wanted me to publish this story about last year's Central Texas Messabout now, to remind folks that another one is coming up on April 25, just a few weeks away.


A kind of model Bluenose encounter, Ron Scobie marine artist, some funning, and that lady legend of a yacht, Ragtime!
Mark Steele, our model sailboat `writer at large’ brings another collection of `little yacht’ news from here and there, often from surprising places.

K.G. Woozle
I dare anyone to read this story all the way through with a dry eye. Ed Einhorn has has put more feeling in 749 words than anything I can remember publishing in these pages.

Aluminum Casting - Part 1
In spite of his opening salvo (aimed at yours truly), I think Rob Rohde-Szudy enjoyed writing this article about casting metal parts. Besides, that is why we pay him the big bucks.


Pollywog Sail Rig Progress
Ken Simpson is the guy who designs those clever take apart boats that you have read about. His latest, Pollywog, is getting fitted for a sail and Ken goes about it in his usual capable way.

Boxy Lady
I met Gary Lepak several years ago when he was taking his Stoaproa to Florida. I promptly turtled it. Since then he has designed and built several boats - Boxy Lady is his latest.

Wanderer Report
Three years ago, when Bob Throne first sent us some sketches about a proposed pocket cruiser and asked for comments from readers, I figured he was just another boat daydreamer.


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