Selway Fisher Baby Kate Build - Part One
It's good for a beginner to start small. In terms of starts, this is a good one. The experienced among us might have a tip or two, but they might learn something themselves.

Selway Fisher Baby Kate Build - Part Two
This is part two of the build. Here the journey from plan, model to canoe is finished.

A Trip Dowm Memory Lane
Have you built a boat, sold it, gave it away or otherwise moved on? Have you seen that boat later and checked up on it? Eric caught up with his boat 28 years after he said goodbye. Here is what he saw.

Elle - A Personal Tribute to Phil Bolger
Mike John, who maintains our Boat Indexes, has written an account of a project of his. He modified one of Phil Bolger's designs and came away with a new admiration for the man.

Building Pathfinder - Part 7
When you watch NCIS, do you wonder how Jethro gets the boat out of his basement? Well, this is how Perry Burton got his Pathfinder out of his basement - with a "Lil Magic Trick".


Odin's Knot
Odin's knot may be a bit of a stunt, but it is nice to know how to tie it. You never know when it will come in handy.

Homemade Weed Anchor
Do you recall an article on weed anchors? Well Wilson and Christine proved that it was one of the best designs around and built one, with some changes.


Norseboat Travels the Arctic
Royal Marines successfully navigate Northwest Passage in 17.5 ft. open boat.

Bootstrap in the Sounds
This is a wonderful tale of a trip to Marlborough Sounds, NZ. Warning, this article may lead to serious daydreaming.


The hand of the gods: The Florida 120
The gods were the ace in the card hand. The day was set for the Florida 120 and the weather was good, but would the weather gods continue to be friendly?

Sticks in Mud: Sea Pearl 21
Tom has had a very humbling experience. He gained a damaged boat and spars, but he also gained a valuable lesson, which he shares in the hope that it will help us all.


Could you get off that Island?
This is a lot of fun. What would you take to get off an Island? Jackie asks our boatbuilding friends this very question.

Where the Winds Blow...
This time we go from nautical art to model boats that are works of art in themselves. Mark Steele presents some real masterpieces in this issue.

Boats Way Too Fancy
The boatbuilders sit for a chat. Someone raises the ugly issue that some boats are unnecessarily fancy. The discussion almost gets nasty, but a point is made.

Pride in Our Builds
You built a boat and you're proud of it. While parked a person comes up and asks if you built it, as they usally do. We like that. It makes us feel good, but not always. Here's Paul Boyer.

Museum Tall Ship Exhibits
There is nothing like a museum tour to get me excited about boats all over again. I'll bet you are the same way. In his monthly column, Paul Austin talks about two of his favorites.

Tales of Terribly Tall Trailers and Widening With Welding - Part 2
Can your believe that Rob Rohde-Szudy has been with us for four years? All you boat builders and do-it-yourselfers lift a glass to Rob's milestone. How about another four, Rob?


Kayak+ and Kayak++
Ken Simpson has a new design, which is a Kayak that can be powered and has a bimini.


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