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Merry Christmas

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I love looking every morning and hope to send some additions next year for now this photo is worth a gazillion Words.. It is me under sail in HOPE. The Builder, Stacy Smith, Made the photo on Percey Prest lake and did his thing to it.

Made Plans for CEDAR KEY in May seems like it was just yesterday.. Also was Surprised to see the Article by Hugh Horton about Our meeting at the last meet. Just goes to show Be careful what you say to who or you could find yourself in a boating magazine like Duckworks or Small Craft Advisor.

Capt Ron
Heart Harbor Island
Chain-Link-ah Tennessee



submitted by Karen Boone

Latest Boat Project

I couldn't resist. It was built in 1948, 26 feet long, all wood, teak deck, I paid $306 on Ebay. It was donated to a charity for auction. It's been in a slip at the Berkely Marina. I had to retrofit one of my trailers to hold it. It has been sailed over this past summer, but will need much TLC.

Tom Gale

Around in Ten Update

After a few delays, the support boat  "VAL" skippered by Nick Dwyer is finally on her way to the start-line in the Bahamas. For the past year, the support boat has been based at a marina yard in Faro, Portugal where she has been undergoing a re-fit and re-paint prior to re-launching a few months ago. Once back on the water, Nick has replaced all the standing rigging, fitted a new radar, HF SSB Radio and a hundred and one other essential items. I dare say that a few were precautionary rather than necessary!

During the tail-end of summer, Nick spent the 4 weeks cruising the north African coast with his family, as much "Sea Trials" as a holiday for the others! Visiting the island of Madeira on his way to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. After taking on supplies and a bit of "fine tuning" here and there, the support boat is non on her way to the start line in the Bahamas. Initially sailing in a southerly direction towards Cape Verde and then veering west to St.Martin or St.Bathelemy in the Caribbean.

Making 100 to 125 miles per day, Nick hopes to be in the Bahamas by Christmas. Due to very poor HF radio conditions, communications with support boat has not been good but position and other information will be passed to the website as and when received. 

On her way...

The Floating Bear

Racer, Steve Rinker (Maine, USA) has completed his boat "The floating Bear" and is currently transporting it down to Eastpoint, Florida to meet up with Paul Boucher ("The Flying Frog"). The two plan on sailing together to the Bahamas. It is uncertain who else will be at the start line. Others have indicated that they will just turn up for the start of the race on 10th January 2009!


This is my proa. It is 7.5 m long and 4.5 m wide. It is based on the Port Madison Proa from Duckworks Design Contest #6. I will send more information later.




Do you think that this is a motor shaft stand?
It is very old and marked JOHNSON.

Thank you,

Melges 16

I've been itching to get out my Uncle's boat, a Melges 16. I last sailed it with him in 1983. Thought I'd better hit the water before it freezes over. Tom Gale

Kelsall Catamarans Press Release

NZ Catamaran Design Company Spreads its Message Around the World

Returning from two months in N. and S. America, designer Derek Kelsall and his partner Paula report an ever expanding interest in the Kelsall catamaran designs and in using the unique KSS method of custom boat building. The designs range across all types and sizes. The sailing models are the most numerous but an expanding range of power catamarans, leisure and commercial, are also on offer to the boat builder – as well as the custom design service.

Where KSS has been well received in the owner build market for some time, it has been slower to become accepted by the professional boat builders. However, this is changing. Much of the current interest is from established builders seeking to move into the catamaran market, who appreciate the time saving, the improved workshop environment and the better quality control.

One of the highlights of Paula and Derek’s trip was the visit to a KSS boat builder in Lima, Peru. Giorgio Ballotta has taken what he learnt at a KSS workshop held in Texas four years ago and built his long standing family business into a vigorous, forward looking company. We were given a very warm welcome on arrival at the Ballotta boat yard. All 40+ staff were gathered together to welcome us. It is impressive with a 39 footer and three 58 footers lined up, as well as three 46 footers on the water. The prices are exceptionally competitive, the quality second to none and the reliability 100%.

Giorgio describes KSS as a "revolutionary approach to boat building, in terms of quality, build time and tooling requirements. KSS has transformed our business. We have a table and the resin infusion system set up. We can offer the whole of the Kelsall range of power and sailing craft and have access to the Kelsall custom design services". Projects in negotiation range up to 120ft.

KSS is based on the materials, PVC foam and fiberglass, and the use of the resin infusion process for almost all of the laminating involved. As THE pioneer of the use of foam starting in 1965, the refinement of the handling methods associated with foam, has been a career long effort by Derek. Over the 40+ years, foam has gone from Kelsall only, to universal acceptance. KSS is still the World leader in efficiency.

KSS offers the boat builder a much more efficient way of making a single craft or a small run of the same design. This is particularly true for the larger models. The builders can compete in the market place, without the usual very high labour content of traditional custom build methods and without the very high investment in tooling needed for the typical series production models. Where more than one boat is to be built, part moulds can be made for the more complex shapes. A mould table, the length of the boat and the vacuum resin infusion set up is the main investment.

The Kelsall tour began with family and friends in Colorado, then moved on to Florida for a KSS workshop in Pensacola, and to family in Naples, before flying S. The workshop was threatened by Hurricane Ike that fortunately swung away, but not before bringing high water to literally one inch away from flooding the workshop. The KSS workshop is a regular feature in US, NZ and Australia. It takes those attending through the whole KSS process in an informal, hands-on approach. Typically, a catamaran hull is produced in four days.

Next stop was in Peru. After visiting the boats, Giorgio and friends provided a guided tour, which included driving over the Andies and down into the jungle on the other side. Lima is an interesting place. A considerable amount of fog and wet, cold mist, but it never rains. Like the other S. American countries Paula and Derek found lots of contrast, lots of colour and very helpful people. From Peru, Quito was next stop. The attractive capital is well worth a visit. Bus travel on to meet new family in Santo Domingo was a hair raising, 2 US dollar, 2 hour bus ride, experience not to be missed. Quayaquil, near the coast of Equador, was another venue to meet Giorgio and potential clients, followed by another tour along the coast of this unique country.

Due to visa and vaccination misinformation from travel agent, a planned visit to friends and potential clients in Brazil was cancelled. Disappointing but we made the most of the time remaining exploring Chile. Another fascinating country, which for us included a night at the Ballet in Santiago, the second city of Valporaiso and a drive along Costa Norte. Derek and Paula say it was the people who made this trip so memorable. Before arriving in Chile for the last week of the two months, they had stayed five nights only in Hotels and two of those were a side trip in Colorado. The rest of the time was staying with old friends or with
new friends.

Recent Kelsall design projects are building in Australia, the Philippines, Korea, China, US, Canada, UK and Peru. Boat builders in Russia (a 60 footer), S. Africa, Germany and Turkey are arranging to be able to offer our KSS catamarans. Two aluminium build and an 11m mono are included in the in-build list. A new 12m Catamaran Kit in a Container is about to start. A number of the newer designs are arranged for modular assembly, to further increase the build time efficiency. The catamaran is produced as three separate units, which can be taken to a near complete stage while all parts are readily accessible from the shop floor, before the final assembly.

Derek Kelsall

TLK UK Factories in China Since 1986
Catamarans our next adventure

Shallow water fishing boat -Join us to explore New Market frontier & a Sub base deport for lower cost models !!! 

Creating a China boat-line for the Chinese Market  seems bright choice to survive at this world econormy.   we understand how local market & boat building works!

World News - brand name auto car in China market had proven positive. we are local regional fishing boat builder, with our Fiberglass shallow water boats / Sampan captures neighbour city of Hongkong market. (if you do care to travel to Hongkong you will find our boats everywhere in the harbour waters,even at airport route bays area)

Our new SamPan fiberglass boats line is widely accepted by fishing industry.

Why should you choose to have your new boat built in China? Today’s global companies, that require labor intensive & precise processes are taking advantage of our craftsmanship and establishing production plants in Peru. Our crew of carpenters, electricians, metal fabricators and fiberglass and upholstery experts stand ready to bring your new boat to life. The combination of our experts, combined with our edge technology of boat building handed down by great grands and the designs boats make Zhuhai the best place to fulfill your dreams.

What are the advantages?

  • 1)Our boats are by far competitively priced with any production boat with similar equipment on the market today.
  • 2) Why? The lower overhead & labor costs when building in a developing country.
  • 3) Our coastal location very near our capital city of Zhuhai city makes it easy to move materials in and products out for our customers.

We needed a new direction for our boat building business

For local clients we wished to continue to offer a wide range of sizes and craft, Series production was not an option due to the investment and the lack of a proven local market. We had experience of most of the build methods and we further researched the options.

we invite international boat designer ,Pioneers boat builders to join us in this great project of Mariner`s club, having their boats dock here & act as show case.

Are you in a town near Zhuhai city next to Macau Asian`s casino city yet ? where local fishing & boat build is our industry, we will be happy to act as your gateway show room. Or your brand name partner here to explore the open market potential in Southern Asia in cluding rapidly growing demand of Hongkong & China market in the region..

This is my first boat built 6 years ago, I use her every day flying over the Pearl river

TLK UK hails their boats as the world's best riding and most dependable fishing boats. The company boat production facilities are located in the Pearl River Delta, with a testing ground in the open sea located on the South China Sea.

you have the design , we make IT COME TRUE the boat.

send me your boat plan / data spec I will build you sample for your evaluations & costing

Miss Elisa Zhang
factory in China since 1986

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