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Eastern Shore Sharpie

Hi Chuck,

As promised here is a photo of my 17’ Eastern Shore Sharpie “stick-up” skiff. Ruel Parker-International Marine plans.

Vincent Walter


From Steve Lewis:

Long time ago (9-10 years) when I was first playing with simple boat designs (still am I guess) I did up a small sailing/rowing skiff design in Carene50. All it was was a screen capture of the drawing and the offsets to the expanded hull panels. Last year Ron Nordberg emailed me informing me that he had taken a fancy to the lines and had started building it. Over the past 10-12 months we have corresponded and collaborated and ended up with the launch last month of the EMMA-J. Here are a few to pictures and the others to the two part video of the launch. I am looking forward to the first sailing pics or video or both... hopefully soon. It is hitting spring there after all (listen up for the accent) and a full sailing season is in the offing. This is the email I got:

Video at last mate.  Trailer presented some probs, they are being sorted now. I think you will be as thrilled as I am.  What a great little boat, floats on the water like a butterfly resting, pretty as, and that is what drew me to the design in the first place.  Will have all the other stuff and some under sail soon mate.
Thanks again for a great year mate, have really enjoyed it.

This was posted to the Lewisboats Yahoo group:

I have some video on youtube of the launch day for my "elf" the first in the world I believe. Steve has given us a great design and it was easy to build, you will see she floats beautifully on the water.

She was christened with an appeal to KIng Neptune to watch over her and all who sail in her, and had a capfull of Jamacian rum poured over the bow.

Enjoy people and if you want a lovely, very light and seaworthy boat, "ELF" is a bloody good choice.

Pictures Here:

Ron (Bubbles) Nordberg Australia

Steve adds:

Thanks for your efforts and a great E-zine

Steve Lewis



Attached are some pictures of the XCR canoe I build with plans purchased from your site.  I am planning on using this boat for the Watertribe Ultra Marathon this coming March, and in the Everglades Challenge in 2011.  My dad and I took it out for a couple days of paddling around Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa River in Holland, MI.



Hi Chuck,

I wanted to let you know that I finished two Michalak Totos using plans we purchased from Duckworks.  The plans and detailed building instructions were very good.  It took me 130 hours to complete them.  I am very pleased with the results.  We took the boats to the Fall Centex Messabout on October 11 at Inks Lake, Texas and were very pleased by the performance of this great design.  I am attaching a couple of pictures. The first 3 are my wife, Beth and me in the boats. The last is of Kurt Maurer at the messabout trying out my Toto.

Frank Coletta

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