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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Here's one for the real frugal minded boater. The text of the ad reads: Homemade boat motor. 3.5 Briggs and Stratton, runs well, needs nothing, ready to go. Willing to trade. $100. I'll buy it if you guys will send me the money. It looks like a hoot!

John Bell

I recently sold a set of building plans of my 16 foot gunning dory to Marcel Chambon in France. This is his site.

Paul Butler

Some of Marcel Chambon friends are French boatbuilders and they also sent along this link to an interesting series of in-progress photos of a plank-on-frame Banks dory.

Paul Butler

SPOT Rescue Alert: Injured Snowmobile Rescued From Remote Alaskan Back country.


Sears has joined the fray with a cordless (Lithion-Ion) multi-tool. Early reviews are taken as a whole suggest this would be an acceptable tool for light duty use. At $100 it's not priced either way cheap or silly high.

Michael Connelly

The Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther is supporting this initiative to restart coastal rowing and racing along the Scottish coastline. The project proposes individuals build the St Ayles Skiff, designed by internationally renowned small boat designer Iain Oughtred.

I'm on the gold coast (Australia) at present and stumbled onto Jessica Watson's (16) around the world attempt. She left and returned. She is currently having some repairs done (for free) after a small incident with a 60 000 ton bulk cargo ship. After our worst nightmare, she will be on her way soon. The sixteen year old's blog and site.

Gary Mccredden

The fascination with long, narrow powerboats continues. This is an old idea making a return because of fuel prices. The Harmony 25 Electric Launch.

Mike John

This is Topaz and she is a great boat for Senior cruising. Complete control of Sun, Wind, Rain, and Bugs. Close to Nature. Affordable Travel at an affordable cost.


"The Chula Rodhog"
The Building of a Tolman Jumbo.

WeedEater Outboard Motor Conversion. A delightful, quiet little nine pound (4kg) motor for a small investment.

Georges WaApa in South Carolina. Here are a selection of build photos for George's new boat.

Building Tiny Cat (Bobcat).

Building and launching a crucerito "Idaho" Phil Bolger design, San Isidro, during the months of July and August 2009.

Portuguese Style Dinghy Gallery

I just finished my second boat. This time it is the six foot Portuguese Dinghy. I did some carving on this one as well as engraving.


Guilford Boatyard: Tales of boating, building boats, and related adventures.

Building Ravin: A 19' Faering

I've updated Helge's site with entry # 39 Light Emitting Diodes. It's nice that the new LEDs have a more agreeable color when compared
to ones of the past. If I hadn't told you, you would have assumed the fixtures were incandescent! They work from 10 to 30 volts with zero "fluttering". - Wendell


I've put your logo on my boating page as a link to Ducksworks.

Bill Sellen

Here is an interesting blog by Sven Yrvind. Scroll down to the part about the Bris Sextant.

For some time I have been exchanging emails with Buzz Gentes of Champaign, Illinois.

Buzz has just retired and around October 2, 2009 he plans on embarking on his dream voyage...The Great Loop!

Bill Tosh


I found this little gem, written by a man who is new to sailing his Hobie Bravo. He sails his little boat in downtown Pittsburgh PA battling sketchy winds and constant currents, and he seems to get a lot out of it judging by the essay.

Dave - PDRacer #287 "Duck Soup"

Made a little video of the my favorites of the last four years we we've been sailing "Dauntless". She's been a great boat. A little rough at the start....and always another project on the horizon...but when I watch this and remind myself of the places she taken us and the people she's introduced us to....well, all I can say is she's honestly changed my life.

Sean, Jo, and Bosun

Here is some food for thought for boat designers.


Voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from Tampa Bay, Florida to Frankfort, Germany in a 21' Flats Boat ... over 6,200 miles.

Old undies can be cut down to make dust masks this one is about two years old now. With yours truly doing the modeling and photography.


Hi all,

Since I can't join in with the Texas 200 etc etc, I just have to console myself with my wife's videos of me and my Philsboat :-(

Rob Kellock
New Zealand

Webwatch suggestion:

Ben is an electrical engineer by profession. As a boat builder, he's very much an artist.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design


Would love to have you and your readers come join us in Feb for some winter sailing fun. Here's the link to the website.


I participated in RAID Finland 2009 in early August and have posted a few photos to Flickr for your enjoyment and amusement:

Norm Wolfe

I have 2 photo essays for Mik's visits to Oregon: one of the Timothy
Lake messabout

... and one of the drive I took him on through Central Oregon

Andrew Linn

The Tuesday night Teleseminar on Engine and Transmission Installation was a great success! I know some of you wern't able to hear the live call, but you can listen to the replay that is posted on our official Teleseminar Replay page (it's at the bottom):

Gayle Brantuk - Glen-L

Hi Chuck,

I have just spent a couple of days with Dylan Winter as he attempts to navigate and film round Britain. His videos can be found on YouTube.

Worth a plug in the webwatch.


Here is an interesting video of a capsize test on Swallow Boats' BayRaider

check this out, it's very cool!


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