• April Letters

  • TOTER-2
    This updated version of the original TOTER has some added desirable attributes. It now can seat 2 people in tandem, it can use a nonmodified trolling motor for power and it has built-in buoyancy.

    Kiwi PDR
    Jackie Monies, who's boatbuilder husband Mike had just built a PD Racer, commissioned this design for herself. The result is this stylish PDR with lateen (Sunfish) rig.

    Where the Winds Blow...
    Six fine schooners, piratical Footy rambustifications, an intriguing Scandinavian Barquentine and time spent zailing and zizzing!!

  • April Splash

  • Drag Boat
    Fred has built a canoe that he can paddle, fish from, drag around and fit in his car - well amost fit in his car.

    I Do Stitch-and-Glue
    For many years now, I’ve been keeping a dark secret. But now the time has come for me to confess – I like Stitch-and-Glue as a building method for boats!

    Building an Aleut Baidarka
    This article by Peter includes the history of the boats and a great lesson on how to make a tailor made one.

  • April Reports & The Treasure Chest

  • Drifting on the Rio Grande
    The river is low and the no swimming sign makes no sense right now, but Paul cook has a great trip along the Rio Grande.

    Boat Canvas
    A great article on 'how to' get started in the boat canvas business. The advice here is actually priceless and will get you started for less.

    Building Kayleigh - Part One
    The Kayleigh design has a generous cabin and very clean lines. The displacement hull incorporates a lot of rocker and tucked transom with a hull speed of around 6 mph with 6hp outboard engine and Terry built it.

    A Season Saved
    Bad weather and outboard trouble did not deter Bob Throne who went on to have a great season and he shares it with us.


    New Design: This Lightweight Dinghy or Tender Taped Seam Construction was designed in 1979 by Joe Dobler and the plans are now available at Duckworks.

    Take a Bow to Design
    This month Paul Austin takes a close look at design, especially the shape of bows.

  • April Webwatch

  • Vacuum Infusion
    A new adhesive to assist with the vacuum bagging process for you today and it works a treat.

    A new sloop design by John Welsford today and it's fast.

    Lucky Town 7
    Dissatisfied with the available production boats for what he terms mini cruising, Bill Longyard decided to design and build his own, to "show what could be done with 14 feet". And show he did, and then some.

    Lighter and Stronger
    An article by Paul Butler with some terrific tips for building light and strong boats. "...a graphite-coated bottom can be dragged without harm across parking lots, down launch ramps, and over gravel beaches".

    Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival 2009
    "The Lake Charles Sail and Power Squadron chartered a bus to go this year’s festival on Saturday, October11, 2009". Join Ken and view his great photographs.

    Cruise Control 5.2
    New Design: This is a S & G Fishing Boat/Runabout with Cuddy design by Mark Bowdidge. It's light, quick to build, easy on the pocket, and yet it still retain its strength, seaworthiness and performance.

    Edge Tool Envy - Part Two
    Rob's article shows us how to sharpen our tools to a good edge. "You can do it while watching TV once you’re good at it".

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