• August Letters

  • Texas Kayak Fisherman
    The Texas Kayak Fisherman Annual Boatbuilder Roundup took place this year on Saturday, May 15 at Inks Lake State Park. Take a look...

    EC 2010 - Part Three
    In the first two parts, Oaracle begins the Everglades Challenge, makes it to the first checkpoint, and is now in the open Gulf of Mexico off Florida's southwest coast.

    Shen Ku
    This time we have a great review of the book Shen Ku.

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on the wonderful hobby of model sailboating.

  • August Splash

  • EC 2010 - Part Two
    The first big decision had to be made: inside or outside? Inside was a path with narrow channels and possible blocked wind and outside was a journey with too many low bridges for the mast. Which way...

    The Texas200, 2010
    This is not a report on the Texas 200, but a musing on the experience and realizations as the event unfolded by Bill Moffitt.

    My Four Day Trip
    This trip was an adventure to say the least. Peter managed to deal with every disaster, but it wasn't easy and he learnt a lot. Read now he did it.

  • August Reports & The Treasure Chest

  • Building Annie - A Navigator 15ft Yawl - Pt 2
    A pictorial essay of a Navigator build. A lot of these boats have been built and a lot more will be built. These pictures will help a lot.

    Two Boats
    "Here are two boats built on the same mold with about 200 years difference in technique and materials. One is the most beautiful boat I have ever seen and the other,,, we'll see".

    Did you know that Joe Dobler designed a trimaran? Well here it is and the plans are available through our store. Read on and see what others have said about this great 'tried and tested' design.

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