• September Letters
  • EC 2010 - Part Five - The Movie
    This is a video and picture account of my recent trip in the 2010 Everglades Challenge.

    Red Rock Rendezvous - Lake Powell 2009
    'Every year around the end of September or beginning of October, depending on the phase of the moon, we join a gang of fellow boating misfits on the shores of spectacular Lake Powell'. Take a look...

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Give a man a model sailboat for a world of pleasure – the Mark Steele column on Model yachts

  • September Splash

  • A Monocoque Rowing Skiff
    Gary built this 4.5 metre (15 ft.) sliding seat rowing skiff to his own design in a couple of weeks in his backyard. Notice the half tube.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part Three
    This time Craig takes us through planking the whaleboat. There is a lot of detail here for those wanting to do lapstrake.

  • September Reports

  • Roguewave XT-15
    The Roguewave XT-15 is the perfect boat for people who want to do a little of everything, without spending everything they have.

    Rinky Dink
    Todd nearly gave up boatbuilding but fortunately he didn't because he finished a great dink.

    EC 2010 - Part Four
    'After some calm weather allowed the skipper to sleep, a light, fair breeze has come up to allow the boat to continue down the Everglades coast'.

  • September Treasure Chest

  • Report from the Florida 120
    'I had to work the day before the event, so I was up late getting the boat loaded and hooked up, and probably didn’t do the most organized job of it.' Still, I was ready, more or less...

    'This boat started when a friend asked about building a kayak'. See the result...

    My Favourite Ship Photograph
    'I was straightening up all of my (too many) boat photographs yesterday when I came across this one. Once I was that boy with a model and such generous dreams'.

  • September Webwatch

  • ECO 6
    The ECO 6 is an enlarged version of Bernd Kohler's well known ECOnomy cruiser.

    DUET designed by Ken Simpson
    Another great design, DUET is a Utility Boat easily transported in a truck or SUV.

    Think Long and Hard Before you Build
    'It wasn’t until I had to move the boat into the garden that I realised the weight of it and how difficult it was to move up a slight slope or on uneven ground'. I was building the wrong boat.

    Waller TS540 Launch and Use
    This time we have a follow up article to Robert's earlier one on his Waller TS540.

    A Slough Cruise Proposal
    Perhaps adventure is the wrong word in this case, but this is certainly the stuff of dreams. Join us...

    Measuring & Drawing Hulls - Part I
    This time Rob takes us through the art and science of measuring and drawing hulls.

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