By Wayne Tedder - Tacoma, Washington - USA

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Chuck and Sandra,

This summer has been very productive, the ship has gone through a metamorphosis, and most of her final paint is on, the masts and yards have their iron work, and some even have their Harken roller reefers on them.

The electrical systems are near completion and the fresh water system is active. We've started washing the rags and wiping cloths in the washer and dryer aboard.

Juanita has started stocking the refrigerator, and freezer, as well as the dry storage areas with canned goods and dry food stuff.

The Grand kids were here much of the time, this summer and we had fun as well as getting work done on the ship. They are looking forward to launch time next spring, as are my wife and I.

I have contacted the boat mover, and we are looking for a good tide, in the day time for the launch. We will be launching at Westport Washington, on the boat ramp some time in May or June. I expect there will be a goodly crowd there, I know our whole family is planning to be there.

My daughter Jeanie will probably be organizing the refreshments at the reception, if she hasn't already, and my wife is busy trying to get the colors and feminine things done on the inside of the ship.

Moving day I'm sure, will be fraught with excitement and the unexpected, delays.

I have a friend with a boom truck to step the masts and yards, I would like to have these done before our guests show up, although, even with all my Grand Grandsons and sons helping I don't thing there's a chance we'll have all the running rigging gone. So we'll plan on stabilizing things for the launch, and the next day work on the rigging.

There will be many days of dock trials and then sea trials to go through, to satisfy the insurance company, and myself that all is well and Sweetie is seaworthy.

I will need some more of that Sunbrella for the aft deck cover and other covers that will have to be made, I will get a list, and use your purchasing system on Duckworks for that.

I want to thank you for the service you provided, when I needed hardware, supplies, epoxy, and sail making supplies. You were Professional, the price was always competitive, and the product was always on time, when I need other things you might have at Duckworks, be it known, you will always be the first place I turn to.

Fountain in salon

Wayne and Juanita Tedder


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