Special Report: The Texas200 - 2010

by Chuck Leinweber

My plan is to take pictures and send reports from the front lines of the ongoing Texas200. This time I am going to be sure to have a way to charge my phone so you should be getting the very latest right here. With almost 50 boats participating there is sure to be a lot of excitement. You will also want to check the Texas200 Forum and particularly the Updates Section, where other participants should be posting information. You may also want to check out two Facebook pages - The Texas 200 Sailing Club as well as The Texas200 Rally.

Sunday, June 20 - Folks starting to arrive -

We finally arrived saturday night after dealing with some vehicle problems around midnight. Andrew linn and Jon Kowitz passed us south of Kingsville pulling Jon's PDRacer and Andrew's pre-fab laguna. This photo shows Andrew about to begin unloading the parts of Laguna Sinko.

Unloading Andrew's Boat

After about 5 hours, this is what Andrews boat looks like! Better than a 6 hour canoe.

The Unpacked Boat

That's right, Andrew's boat was really flat packed and he towed it 2000 miles.

As the sun set over Port Mansfield harbor, three different participants head for their respective berths - a sailing kayak, a Potter 15, and a Freedom ketch. Tomorrow the captains meeting and the shuttle - then Tuesday we sail!


Monday, June 21 - The Shuttle -

Today is the shuttle day. The shuttle is what makes this event work. This year, Mike Monies and his daughters and son-in-law made breakfast for the crew. After a brief briefing, we took off for Magnolia beach to park our vehicles and board the bus. I had the embarrassing honor of being the last to arrive - I was over an hour late!

Breakfast for the Crew


Tuesday, June 22 - Port Mansfield to Happ's Cut -

Got up early this morning and cast off. This is Port Mansfield harbor at sunrise. Next stop - Happ's Cut.


A few minutes out, we passed the Puddle Duck fleet including John Monroe.

John Monroe

A little while later, we were passed by Andrew in Laguna Sinko. Try as we might, we could not catch him. We were also passed by Bill Moffitt and Paul Haynie in Laguna Tres.

Laguna Sinko

After a hard day of sailing, most of the sailors gathered under the shade trees at Happ's Cut. Tomorrow, it's on to Padre Island Yacht Club.

Happy Campers


Wednesday, June 23 - Happ's Cut to Padre Island Yacht Club -

We were all happy to leave muddy Happ's Cut to head for the yacht club. Jim and I took it easy and were passed by a lot of boats including GIR, the first Goat Island Skiff, built by John Goodman.

Goat Island Skiff

Just as we passed one of the smaller boats, Gordo passed us both in LagunoUno.


The Padre Island Yacht Club put on a fund raiser dinner for us. What a great way to cap off two grueling days of sailing. Tomorrow the tricky navigation begins - three ways to get to Paul's Mott and none of them easy.

Padre Island Yacht Club

Thursday, June 24 - PIYC to Paul's Mott -

On thursday morning, the Monies fixed a breakfast with the leftovers from the Monday pre-shuttle breakfast. They sure know how to feed a crowd.

A Monies Breakfast

John brought this little dinghy all the way from Florida but after two days in the diminutive craft, he gladly accepted a crew position on Laguna Tres. But first we had to tow him to a marina where he rented a space for his boat.

Dinghy in Tow

As a result, we arrived at Paul's Mott around 7PM. Everyone was tired and those that made it this far went to bed early.

Sunset at Paul's Mott


Friday, June 25 - Paul's Mott to Army Hole -

We left Paul's Mott around 8 AM with a few boats following us through the passes. Here, L3 and L6 talk about the lack of wind.

L3 and L6 having a chat.

We took on Tom Pamperin for this leg and made him pay for passage by manning the helm.

Tom Pamperin

Finally we all made it to Army Hole. We enjoyed the relative civility of the picnik tables to tell war stories. Tomorrow is the final run to magnolia beach.

At 9:43, the first PDR's to make Army Hole arrived amid much fanfare - and a few flares - not to mention a bottle of rum, for the first time ever. Needless to say a grand celebration ensued.


Saturday, June 25 - Army Hole to Magnolia Beach -

As the sun rose over Army Hole, we started to think about heading out on the final leg of the trip. Even though we were all tired and somewhat sunburned, we were sad to see the trip come to an end.

Amy Hole Sunrise

Today Jim Michalak sailed with Bill Moffitt on my Laguna Tres and I took John Vacha as crew. The ICW was crowded with barges and for once the Lagunas did not catch us.

John Vacha

The Laguna did, however manage to sail in and land as a fleet as the PDRs have done in the past.

Laguna Uno

And true to his word, Andrew burned his Laguna Cinco (Sinko) to the ground as a grand finale. After all, the boat was leaking 25 gallons an hour by the final day.

After a delicious shrimp meal most folks headed home that evening, tired but happy.

Luguna Sinko now Laguna Burno


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Mike Monies and Brandon Khoury in the Laguna Dos


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