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  • August Letters
  • Sailing the Texas 200
    A number of years ago, I was reading a history of Matagorda County and came upon an account which took place during the Civil War.

    Port Isabel to Mansfield Jetty, Outside Route
    We left early to take advantage of light morning winds at the start of the Texas 200.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • August Splash

  • Florida Bay - Part Two
    Tired and dirty after our three days and nights on Florida Bay we were Ready for a Florida City motel room with a hot shower and a soft bed.

    Florida Bay - Part One
    The Grass flats have a very soft mud bottom. Try to walk and you sink way above your knees in the soft quick sand like mud.

  • August Reports

  • Another Pathfinder Hits the Water - Part Three
    Planking done, it was time to focus on the what kind of finish was appropriate (while it was still upside-down) for the main hull as well as the more noticeable 'garboard' plank.

    Be Sure and Salt Your Decks - Part Two
    Cutting tools and safety gear as the story continues...

    Special Report: GPS in Peril?

  • August Treasure Chest

  • A Trip in Canada - Part Four
    Stage 7: Pensacola FL - Folkston Georgia

    Learning to Weld
    While I have a good deal of experience with wood and can hold my own on any branch of DIY you care to name, metal is not my thing.

    Another Pathfinder Hits the Water - Part Two
    Building another pathfinder continues...

  • August Webwatch

  • The Easy Go Yuloh - Part Two
    Continued from yesterday... Here are the measurements that we ended up with for Easy Go.

    The Easy Go Yuloh - Part One
    The Chinese Yuloh is a viable alternative auxiliary propulsion devise for small to medium size sailing yachts.

    How I Learned to Sail After 25 Years of Sailing
    After 25 years of sailing, I discovered I did not know how to sail.

    Another Pathfinder Hits the Water - Part One
    A sunny Friday afternoon in Gowlland Harbour on Quadra Island B. C. Canada saw the launch of another one of John Welsford's Pathfinders.

    Pathfinder Cabin - Part Four
    When you build structures in Newfoundland, you need to factor in strong winds.

    The Early Voyagers - Viking
    Viking Discoveries in the North Atlantic.