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  • June Letters
  • Pathfinder Cabin - Part Two
    In the first article I explained why I needed a cabin on my John Welsford Pathfinder and how I planned to tackle the task. Now I'm actually getting down to work in making this happen.

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

    Cute Peggi J
    John Welsford designed the Sherpa to be attractive. We built this little-big 9' boat to be attractive.

  • June Splash

  • Pathfinder Cabin - Part One
    Now after season two and enough sailings to know what my needs are, I have decided to add a cabin.

    OBX 2010
    The confidence is cheap, but the actual where-with-all to boldly go forth when you know conditions are not perfect is paid for with experience.

  • June Reports

  • Drifter Trimarans
    The Drifter trimarans are sort of a modern version of the outrigger canoe, being designed to be paddled or sailed.

    Vita Dinghy
    It is axiomatic that the jack of all trades does nothing well. There are exceptions, however. The Vita Dinghy is one.

    Fred: Installment Two
    I'm a 75-year-old guy living on a remote island in South East Alaska and I am sharing the experience of building what will probably be my last boat!

  • June Treasure Chest
  • Small Boats
    What is it about small boats which is so appealing? Unless they are freighters, big ships don't do much for me, but small boats have an attraction which I don't seem to be able to escape.

    My experience building and sailing the DUET - A compact portable, designed by Ken Simpson.

    SLACKTIDE's Sea Trials: Breaking in our T26x7: 4
    Leg III: Haines to Tenakee - Late September to Early November.

  • June Webwatch

  • The Early Voyagers - Bronze Age
    Bronze was so important to the march of civilization that it became a turning point of human technological evolution.

    Why We Build Boats
    In a fit of exasperation I threw down the tool in my hand and wondered why anybody would want to build a boat.

    Blue Skies - Building Over Your Head
    The designer's catalogue describes her as: "an oddball little boat that we built several years ago with and for our oddball friend Bill Hayward".

    Jagular Goes International - Part Four
    A Small Boat Cruising Primer for the Brave, Hardy, or Foolish ends.

    Jagular Goes International - Part Three
    Week 3: Cape Roberts to Drummond Island Yacht Haven.

    I'm beginning to be able to maintain speeds over 50 mph on the downwind runs, and I'm trying to milk the puffs for maximum speed. 52, 54, and on a sweet puff,  I see 55.5!  A new record for me!