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 Mike's Maritime Meanderings


Mike Machnicki
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I was a post war baby who grew up a long way from the sea with no nautical influences, I did however have a good grounding in wood and woodworking machinery due to a father who was a cabinet maker and French polisher, and a desire to escape to warmer countries after reading many books by cruising sailors like Eric and Susan Hiscock. Early years though formative were not significant and it was not until my mid twenties, after selling home and furniture I finally got to sea on a Catalac 9m catamaran. After 2 years ownership the boat was sold and the next thirty years were spent running a business and raising a family. Throughout these years manual skills were sharpened and honed with many projects such as building furniture, installing central heating and electrical rewiring. Now in semi retirement the boat building fever is raging with the current builds, a Glen-L Noyo Trawler and Joe Dobler’s Pepita dinghy.

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