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  • January Letters

  • How We Missed the Party
    This year's Lake Powell Messabout/Kokopelli Cruise was to be a 5-7 day sailing event starting at Bullfrog marina, and ending at Hite.

    A PuddleDuck and the Everglades Challenge -2
    The Everglades Challenge is a 300 mile cruise/race down the Gulf coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to Key Largo.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • January Splash

  • A Heck of a Great Rowboat
    This spring I built a sailboat, however I find that this summer I've not been sailing my duck a lot.

    Gamaray, a Mayfly 14, Does the Texas200 - Pt 1
    It all really started when Chuck Leinweber changed the route for the 2011 Texas200.

    Die Foldermaus - Part Two
    My prototype was initially made with Sikaflex 11 FC and 2 inch fibreglass tape but given my bottom seam started to tear apart.


  • January Reports

  • Tortured
    While reading an article in Duckworks about One Sheet Creations by David Horst I was struck by his challenge to build a full size version of his one sheet boat.

    Waterdog's Birthday
    Many people ask what's it's like to take care of a boat like this, how much trouble it must be, how it's beautiful, but...


  • January Treasure Chest

  • The Trip Home
    The original plan was to sail straight across the Gulf.

    Repair of Skiff America
    I was pushed into the corner of pier trying to launch on a very windy day on a 21 mile long lake nearly a mile wide, the largest oxbow on the Mississippi River.


  • January Webwatch

  • Designing and Building a Sailing Kayak - Part 3
    The kayak is now ready for glassing.

    Building the First Barton Skiff
    I chose Gavin Atkin's design, The Barton Skiff, because it would make best use of my existing, 3.5 horsepower, outboard engine.

    Workboats Then and Today - Part Two
    When I was but a mere lad, my Dad took me from Tampa to Tarpon Springs, FL for a fishing trip.

    Simple Boat Food
    I believe I'm on firm ground if I say that most of us like to eat. It's also true that many of us don't give a lot of thought to food until we are hungry!

    A Puddle Duck and the Everglades Challenge
    The formula is not e=mc2 but rather PDR + EC = ?, but the outcome could be just as dangerous.

    The Long Swim
    Some time ago my niece Davinia announced her intention to swim across the English Channel in order to raise funds for charity, recently she asked me to help out on the boat, as I had the time available.

    Making Time - The Lower Wisconsin River - Pt 1
    Usually in Wisconsin, October is when boats are getting put away and only hardcore fishermen and duck hunters are to be found on the water.