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  • May Letters

  • Mounting Hatches on Curved Decks
    How to create an attractive flat mounting surface for a deckplate on a curved boat deck.

    When my plastic paddle broke, I found myself looking at the substantial ferule of my basswood treesaw.


  • May Splash

  • Dry Rot
    Dry rot is like cancer for boats. As with that pernicious disease, the longer you let it go the worse it gets until eventually nothing can be done.

    "Can a Few Simple Modifications Make a Clever, Proven DIY Roller Furler Design Even Better?"
    The result is the most accessible (i. e., buildable), coolest DIY furler design of this quality that I have seen.


  • May Reports

  • Wedge Sail
    It's been a lengthy journey, but finally I am ready to release the plans for the WEDGE Sail option.

    Foam Boat
    The concept of a small boat made of styrofoam always intrigued me, but I never got around to designing and building one until now.


  • May Treasure Chest

  • A Brief Retrospective in Photos
    A final report on the Grand Canyon
    by Tom.

    Special Report:

    by Tom Pamperin

    On to Apalachicola and St Joe
    We had planned to make the 6 to 8 hour run to Apalachicola outside but now the weather was starting to not cooperate.

    An Abridged History of the Texas Long Boats
    Billed as "The world's toughest canoe race", it may well be.

    Can Your Trimaran Do This?
    With my newest 16-foot trimaran, that 5-minute setup goal has not only been met, it's been slashed in half!


  • May Webwatch

  • 2011 Texas 200 in a Day Sailer II - Part Three
    We got up early Tuesday morning, packed our gear and got ready to sail.

    April Love - Part One
    So for this second floor 'Death March Up The Stairs' apartment, my friend Ken Simpson designed me an 8 footer I can carry.

    My Sail OK Experience
    I was desperate to go to Sail OK 2011. It looked like everyone in the small boat building world was descending on Eufaula.

    Not Another Scarf Joint Jig!
    A scarf joint is needed in boatbuilding so many times, for keel, mast and spars, gunwale, battens…

    A Bolger Boat at Sail Oklahoma
    If I just had a Core Sound 17, I would never ask for anything else, ever again!

    Improving the Bolger Light Schooner Motor Well (Again)
    During this period of neglect (and before, actually), the light schooner's transom got a bit soft in spots.