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  • November Letters

  • Boston July Shows
    Back in 1990 I joined the Rings Island Rowing Club (RIRC).

    Christmas Holiday 2011, Fort Smith Arkansas
    We are gathered at Susie's Mom's place for the 48th consecutive time, now with generations in attendance.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • November Splash

  • Uke'n'paddle
    Is it a ukulele? Is it a paddle? Why Yes! It is both! A ukulele and a paddle all in one – what more canoe ask for?

    Building a Bolger Microtrawler
    I've been busy building boats. More specifically I have been building the Bolger Micro Trawler.


  • November Reports

  • Sweet Pea
    Howard's decided that it's time to sell another one of the treasures he's made here at the shop so we took Sweet Pea out for a spin to get some beauty shots

    High Speed Boat Building - Part Two
    When it comes time to fashion the mounts for the leeboard and ladder I'll need a small brake to bend the straps into a U shape.

    High Speed Boat Building - Part One
    Here's what's sailing around in my head. A 25 foot aluminum sharpie being built for camp cruising on sounds and bays all around the country.

    Here an article how to make chain plates from carbon fiber and glass cloth.


  • November Treasure Chest

  • Back to Building Part Four: The End is Nigh
    The shed itself went up quickly and is nicely situated in the shade and I can use the front cover as a leanto over my truck for inclement weather.

    Boat Building for the Home Handyman
    Here are some new ideas that's been floating around at the Onesheetwonders Yahoo group, that you might find of interest.


  • November Webwatch

  • 18 (Small) Scows - Part 2
    My next personal PDRacer was Wild Duck, #143.

    Setting up Shop to Build an Aluminum Boat
    I'm a bit of a tool nut. In my defense, I come by the vice quite honestly since I've made a career out of one simple premise: Men love tools.

    Cedar Key
    If any of you actually counted the boats let me know how many. I thought about it but it was like trying to count a swarm of knats, they never stayed still.

    I Needed an Anchor Light!
    ...I expected to be overnighting at anchor, I went and got my old hurricane type kerosene lamp out to find out that the rust had finally got it.

    The Perfect Boat
    The perfect boat. What a profound statement. It's like saying unicorns do exist or that there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

    Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part Five
    Deck Beams, Knees, Stanchion and Mast Hole.