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  • September Letters

  • Rockin' the Playa
    Oh yes! It's the America's Cup of Landsailing time again!

    Building the Charlie M
    Two years ago, infected with the desire to build a boat, and after endless happy hours looking at internet sites, plans, and do-it-your-self "instant" boat books, I chose the "QT Skiff" design by Jim Mickalak.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • September Splash

  • ECduck in the Everglades Challenge - Part 2
    My morning started all too early as people started stirring around me at sunrise.

    ECduck in the Everglades Challenge - Part 1
    For once in my life I was actually ready ahead of time for a boating event. 

    Building the John Welsford Navigator 'Annalisa'
    I built most of my Navigator in a course run for 'after-hours boat builders' at a local college.

    Fold-up Kayak
    Cost to build less than $100 to get in the water.


  • September Reports

  • Mini-Cat
    The PortableBoatPlans "2012 Portable Boat Design Contest" is over for another year, and there were two winners (tied votes).

    The Jaunty Project, Part Two
    It's been a long time since I wrote part one of the Jaunty saga, my apologies.


  • September Treasure Chest

  • 50th Anniversary Boat Build - Part Three
    Before I start commenting on the build, I want to make a few comments about the 50th anniversary of the Texas Water Safari which has already come and gone.

    A New Plan
    Once into Lake Pontchartrain we didn't have to bother with any more barges but our old friends the crab pots and warps were back, lots of crab pots and wraps.


  • September Webwatch

  • Always a River to Cross
    It is a collection of video images which I shot in Bangladesh in the late 1990's.

    Life of a Sailsman: Feel Free
    I could hike the Appalachian Trail. I could hitchhike to California. I could WWOOFF in a South American Country, and learn Spanish. I could teach English in China.

    Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part 3
    Now we come to the frames.

    Where to Build – Part 2
    Last time I detailed my requirements for a site to build my boat and looked at the options for a weather proof covering to protect the work from the elements and provide a comfortable working environment.

    Building Tenacious
    If you spend enough time studying different boat plans you can convince yourself that you are choosing a design based on a logical, well developed decision that will suit the uses you intend to give it.

    Havasu Pocket Cruisers' Convention
    Here's one to add to the list: the Havasu Pocket Cruisers' Convention (HPCC), also known as Sail Havasu.

    Three Ways to Share GPS Tracks
    A lot has changed in the world of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers since I first started looking at them back in the bronze age.