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Design Contest

Hello Chuck,

Just wanted to let you know that I am having a Small Boat Design Contest, posted on my website.  The intent is to get builders involved in the creative process, with something they are truly interested in.  The reward is to have the plans of the winning design drawn up by me, and then presented to the lucky individual.  The winner will be chosen by all who enter. The entrants will all receive a Free Plan of their choice, from my designs. The contest rules are simple, and outlined on my website, under "Design Contest" at the top of the main page.

Go to:   for the full information.

Many thanks for your attention to this contest.

Best regards,

           Ken Simpson

Too Far

Hey Chuck, I've been a long time fan, even bought a CD of the first few years a while back. I realize everyone needs to make a wage, but the new advertising policy on your web page is too much. I am deleting your site from favorites as there are lots of alternatives without ads in the body of the story. Greed kills all!

Thanks for publishing the stories, and I will shy away from Google searches that list your site.

Ken C

Bayou Teche

If my list of current registrations all show up, this year's BTWBS {Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show} is going to be bigger and better than ever! We may double the number of boats on display from 2011. Thanks to EVERYONE who said they're coming, and we'll keep you all updated. The show is only about five weeks away! You may view the latest post at:
Best regards,

Thanks a lot from South Korea

I saw our article being posted on you magazine, and everybody in our school, including our principal Mr.Seo, was very happy to see that.

Thank you again, and I will write you again when we make some "troubles." ^^

Juho Park

Stove Articles

Hi Chuck,

I have really enjoyed Bill Nolen's articles on small stoves. The one aspect that I would like to see covered is the gimballing of small stoves. I have a Micro and would love to be able to cook on the go, but in the short chop of the North Sea some form of gimballing would be great.



Frank's Photo


I don't know if Frank Smoot is a professional photographer or what, but his photo of the start of the EC is my favorite photo now as well. It almost looks more like a painting than a photo. Very ethereal looking, makes me wish I was there. The lighting in that photo is incredible. All I can say is "Wow!". He should sell prints.


Paul Cook

$5 Gas

Appreciate your work. Maybe THIS is the summer ($5.00 gal gas on the lake^U$^&$) people will start to appreciate the incredible value and performance of efficient wood construction!!

John W

The coolest paddle in the universe

My name is Chad Townsend and I stumbled upon your website while doing some research for my project.

We are quite a ways apart in North America but, based on your company name a interesting products, I thought my project / product may be of interest to you for advice, support, maybe even have one day in the shop:

Thank you for your time,


Chad: I think you have made the coolest paddle in the universe. We are buying one for Sandra and one for me - I sure hope you make your goal! - Chuck

note: this is not a paid advertisment - Chuck


Thanks for the great newsletter !!!!!! Interesting, informative and well written !!!!

I'm still learning to sail,,,, started practicing in 1957.....

I believe I now have the oldest 'Puddle Duck Racer' in captivity... built by John Wright. It docks in my old Ford van constantly ready to sail!!

Home port is Palacios, Tx where the bay is shallow,,,the oyster shells sharp and the winds totally unpredictable!!

Be well, do good work, keep on sailin'

Wayne M

Launch Announcement

hi chuck

The Keuka Whaler will launch at the NYS Keuka Park boat launch on 6/16 noon. Any interested potential whalers are invited to attend

Craig Hohm

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