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Help for Scott

“Now is the time to come to the aid of your PDR champion.” …unknown author..

Scott Widmire, as you know has built a very special PDR for the Everglades Challenge. He is an excellent sailor/builder and will need all of that skill and special boat to get to the first checkpoint in time limit.

Scott has gone to a lot of time and expense preparing for this event. Many of the fans of the EC have dreamed of doing this event with a PDR but none of us have been Plumbcrazy enough to attempt it. “Plumbcrazy” is his Watertribe name and you will be able to follow him day and night, rain or shine with a tracking map under that name.

I have been told that it takes $2,000 to get to the start beach but my experience is that this number is a bit low.

Duckworks and Polysail and others have provided some support.  I will donate because he has the courage to live a dream that some of us just, dream… So, quit dreaming and go here…

and encourage Scott with a little pat on the back (pocket). For the price of a couple of Vente Latte’s he will provide days of entertainment when you see his Spot land on Rattlesnake Island at Venice Inlet at 10 pm Saturday March 2….while you are getting ready to go to bed. Forget the stinkin network news…..This is the news that counts for us small boat people.

Our PDR Comander Starbuck needs to hear from his audience.

John Wright aka St. John, aka JIB

Truantsea to be sold

Hi Chuck, Hello again from New Zealand.
It's time for me to say goodbye to TRUANTSEA. I've commited to building another Welsford design (this time WITH a cabin) and I'm starting to build up stocks of ply, stringer timbers, epoxy etc.

So faithful TruantSea has to go - after 7 years, what a fantastic little boat she has been. I cannot speak highly enough of the capabilities of the design to handle itself beautfully on the water. If you're able to make a posting about her - that would be really fantastic, thanks.

She was repainted inside and out, plus revarnished last winter and has just had new ropes and blocks fitted. If there are any NZ readers or friends of, this a great boat with a lot of documented history but still in top notch order.

A link to the sale site

I'll start posting progress on the new vessel - when there is some.

Hope all is fine with you and Sandra - bet you're looking forward to summer!

Catch up with you later......... 

Dolphin Watchers


My name is Dan Lowney. I submitted a small contribution sometime ago about a Sherpa I built and it came out awesome and I always liked your sight.

Anyway,  my wife wrote an e-book  called  The Dolphin Watcher's Guide to Southwest Florida by Jo Anne Lowney (not exactly related to boat building).The e- book is on Amazon, and I was wondering if  it would do any good to be advertised on your sight?  Right now it is not advertised anywhere. She is also a way better writer than me. One interesting pitfall of making the e-book was her learning how to format it for Kindles etc. this part would interest any writer. It's probably not a perfect match. but I'm not looking for a full fledged campaign just trying to create a little "buzz" (we can only sell it through amazon right now) Thanks in advance if you have any advice.

Sincerely Dan Lowney

Winthrop MA

More for the Index

Hi Mike,

I'm using the project index on Duckworks to view building pictures of GIS. I think you are aware of Tom Radina's site where I have the build pictures posted of the last three boats I've built? I don't think Tom would object if you added my projects to your index.

Buildboats site by Tom Radina

Lutra Laker

Mike’s Boat

Cat Box

Anybody building one of these boats is free to ask me about more build pictures.

Dean Herring

Mollyhawks Started

We started the process of making a pair of Mollyhawk rowboats. The objective is to have them ready and functional by the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show in April with the goal of generating interest in a competitive rowing club in Toledo.

I've had a few people ask if this is going to be a kid's rowing club. Yes and no - in that it'll be a rowing club and if there is so much participation we need to break it up into divisions based on age, sex, left-handedness, mustachioed or non-mustachioed*, I'm all for it. If it is just a bunch of guys who end up doing a couple laps Friday night and having skirmishes on Saturdays, that's bitchin' cool, too.


*That's a reference from one of my favorite movies, Erik the Viking. It's a terrible movie, over all, but it does have a boat in it, and some very good jokes.

Hull Treatment?

Hi Chuck,

I came across this stuff called NeverWet and thought you might find it interesting. The link is here:

Warm regards,

Neal McNamara (aka AhimsaKid)

Love that Chugger


I have to tell you, I'm generally not a big fan of motor boats, and the first time I saw pictures of the Chugger I thought it was ugly. But with the changes that Sid made, I confess I really love that boat. With the taller windows and angled bow, it's much more appealing. I can certainly see why folks would have been drawn to it when he launched it. Now I'm kind of wondering in the back of my mind if that would be an appropriate boat to cruise around Lake Powell and tow a puddle duck or a couple of kayaks behind.

Paul Cook


We have 60 boats signed up for the FL120! Yikes and awesome!


Matthew Turner

Hi Chuck:

I stumbled upon the Paul Austin article about Stevenson and Turner and loved it! I thought you all might find our project interesting so wanted to share info with you. Our non-profit - Educational Tall Ship, is constructing a tall ship based on Matthew Turner's design. I don't want to bombard you with a lengthy e-mail so check out our site if you have time, and I'm happy to send you more info if interested. 

Again, happy to stumble onto Duckworks!


Kimberly Kouri

Director of Development


Mordialloc Wooden Boat Festival

Hi Chuck

I just wanted to let your readers know about the wooden boat festival that we are running for the second time on 15th of April at the Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, Australia. Our first one last year was a great success even though the wind was so strong we did not make it onto the water. We are hoping for this years to be bigger and better. Information on the festival is on our website

Online registration is available as well as on the day. I have also attached the festival poster.


Richard Lozell

Rear Commodore

Mordialloc Sailing Club

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