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by John Goodman, Desiree’, David - Texas  - USA

Every wonder if you can build a boat with your kids?
Yes, you can!

GIR light air

Yes, this Goat Island Skiff was built by Kids.
The stories they will tell their friends, their social posts and text messages will all sound crazy to their friends. Here are some examples from the building of our Goat Island Skiff.

Kit & timber

Dezi: My father is insane, he wants US to build a boat!!!
Replay: Nut, don’t fall from the tree does it.
David: My dad’s crazy he just told us “WE” are going to build a boat.
Reply: Why not just buy one?

Read & mix

Dezi: Our big book of instructions.
Reply: David needs a tan.
David: I’m naked with a book on my head. :D
Reply: Of Course, you are.


David: Picked up some nice smelling wood for the boat decorations :D It was longer than my car.
Reply: Did you get to ride on the roof?
Reply: o.O you didn’t hit other cars??

Gluing blanks

David: Glued some wood together today :D Daggerboards for the win!
Reply: What’s a daggerboard?


Dezi: David and I fiberglassed the daggerboard and rudder over the weekend.
Reply: How do you even MAKE that?!?! >..<
David: Fiberglassing our now complete daggerboard and rudder!
Reply: Whoa! David, you can make things that AREN’T in video games!?!?!

Evening work

Dezi: Dad taught Ruben and I how to use a planer for the chines tonight; I got hit in the head more than once before we got a good system going --___--
Reply: My dad doesn’t have a thing like that O.O

Saw rebuild

David: Rebuilding our saw motor, the brushes were no good :/ Tiny hands for the win?
Reply: Don’t saws have blades?

Evening glove fight

Reply: David “No Pants” indeed
Reply: David… Where are your pants?


Dezi: Ruben and I used gel magic to glue the chines to the hull sides, had to work fast. Dad just watched.
Reply: I don’t get it and why is the garage wrapped in plastic?


David: RAWR, I has gas mask! I sand yo wood!
Reply: It’s funner than school I bet.
Reply: You look like a grunt!

Kids working 1

David: Working on boxes for the mast and daggerboard :D
Reply: That’s cool looking! David do you ever change your clothes?

New doo

Desi: Epoxy does not come out of your hair…
David: What happens when you duel me in Mortal Kombat (With epoxy glue)
Reply: That’s you sister?
Dezi’s reply to her brother: You did not win…

Men & goats

Dezi: Men who Stare at goats…
Reply: That movie was great. Oh, I get it!
David: Staring at the goat..wonder if it’ll die..
Reply: That movie was epicly weird!

Outside cleaning

David: I built a snotter!
Reply: What is a snotter? & That sounds gross!
Reply: Ewww… I don’t think I want to know what that is…

Great job

Dezi: Boat has been PRIMED!!!
Reply: I though you said your boat was going to be green?
David: Optimus Prime!

Detail breast plate

Dezi: The new breast plate design :D Pretty, no?
Reply: That’s pretty. What is it?
David: My Dad likes the breast plate and knees Dezi and I designed.
Reply: Whoa, that’s cool! Wait, aren’t breast plates armor???

1st sail

David: Our Goat floats!
Reply: Really? You built that? COOL!
Reply: Cool dude!!! I didn’t know goats could float! Haha, just kidding

Gir launch

David:Just christened our boat GIR!
Reply: Is that your grandfather?
Reply: Whoa! Your dad’s OLD!!!

After building our Goat Island Skiff the adventures continued with great sailing adventures and more stories. Like sailing two Texas 200 events, a 3 day rowing trip down the Colorado River, and nearly freezing to death on a cold winter sail on the boat they built.

Was it worth it?

Just look at their smiles from the day we were all soaked to the bone and had purple lips from the icy cold water on a blustery winter day.

Yes you can!

John Goodman and his children, Desiree’, 16 yrs old, David, 12 yrs old built their Goat Island Skiff, designed by Michael Storer of Australia. They started with a kit from Clint Chase Boat Builders and over a 6 month building period finished their boat in time for the 2010 Texas 200. Now after the 2011 Texas 200 the boat has sailed over 800 miles in 2 years without a single failure. That is a testament to a kids building ability.