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 Special Report: Everglades Challenge 2012

including audio reports, photos, videos, etc, from Patrick Johnson, Scott Widmier, Gary Blankenship, and more. We will post the latest updates at the top of the  page as they come in. Check back often.


Friday, March 9:

Noel Davis (CP3) 2:59PM

Noel Davis (CP3) 9:00AM

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship 7:53AM

Thursday, March 8:

Noel Davis (CP3) 11:45AM

Noel Davis (CP3) 9:33AM

Noel Davis (CP3) 9:04AM

Noel Davis (CP3) 6:00AM

Wednesday, March 7:

A thought for Scott:

When good people fail to accomplish what they set out to do, I am reminded of this saying, written by Theodore Roasevelt in 1910.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. 

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Best wishes to those that entered the EC arena!

Bill Nolen

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship 7:56PM

Noel Davis (CP3) 6:10PM

Noel Davis (CP3) 3:05PM

Gary and John's track as they beat into Flamingo

Noel Davis (CP3) 1:15PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 12:35PM - CP3!

Lugnut & Karank @ 9:48AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 6:24AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 2:03AM

Tuesday, March 6:

Posted to Watertribe forum by Doug "Ridgerunner" Cameron: "We pulled into the bay at Middle Cape to heave to and reef. We had been speeding down the coast at 7 and 8 mph, often planing, in 15-20 mph winds. All of a sudden the wind went E from NE and went to 40+/- (according to park headquarters) and knocked the boat down. The mizzen was sheeted in hard and the main was unsheeted. The main dug into a sand bottom and sheeted off as we climbed onto the centerboard to right her. By the time we got her bailed and the main spars and sail back on board, we were west of the IVW headed for Mexico. So we told the Coasties what was going on, rigged the midden midshipd, and sailed slowly throu breaking waves to the beach. The Tow Boat US folks wouldn't come out in the wind, but they will try in the early AM when the winds may lay down. We are driving to Tampa to get the truck. Christie and Noel, checkpoint captains at Flamingo are great."

Lugnut & Karank @ 9:45PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 6:10PM - crazy idea

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 5:45PM - final thoughts

Lugnut & Karank @ 11:59AM - Leaving CP2

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship 1:14PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 11:05AM - capsize!

Lugnut & Karank @ 11:59AM - arriving CP2

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 8:21AM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 6:51AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 6:44AM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 1:20AM

Monday, March 5:

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship 6:16PM

John (Mr Moon) Bell 9:13PM - final thoughts

Lugnut & Karank @ 6:51PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 2:47PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 2:21PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 2:07PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 1:02PM

Noel Davis (CP3) 12:10PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 11:17AM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 8:45AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 11:13AM

Class IV as of Monday 9 AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 7:32AM - leaving CP1

Sunday, March 4:

MisterMoon: Finished @ 0015 this morning. All I can say is EPIC. Time for some water and sleep.

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 10:48PM

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship 6:16PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 4:15PM - they made it to CP1!

John (Mr Moon) Bell 7:41AM

"My buddy Scott making some minor repairs to his "Yacht" about half way down Sarasota Bay on his way to Key Largo" - Patrick Johnson

Watertribe Announcement: Weather hold

Lugnut & Karank @ 12:02PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 10:36AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 7:50AM

Patrick Johnson walks the beach on Launch day

Patrick Johnson photo album from Fri & Sat

John (Mr Moon) Bell 7:41AM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 6:27AM

Saturday, March 3:

John (Mr Moon) Bell 10:55PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 10:49PM

Scott (Plumbcrazy) Widmeir 10:35PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 10:17PM

MisterMoon is stopping for sleep

Lugnut & Karank @ 8:24PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 6:28PM

Lugnut & Karank @ 5:56PM

this is the bridge mentioned in the report below

John (Mr Moon) Bell 2:13PM

Dr Frank Smoot's launch day photos

from Dr. Frank Smoot: Launch day - Part 1

Dr. Frank Smoot: Launch day - Part 2

Dr. Frank Smoot: Launch day - Part 3

Dr. Frank Smoot: Launch day - Part 4

Lugnut & Karank @ 3:40PM

John (Mr Moon) Bell 11:46AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 10:32AM

Dave Lucas walks down the beach on Friday

John (Mr Moon) Bell 8:30AM

John (Mr Moon) Bell 7:30AM

Lugnut & Karank @ 7:57AM

here is how I interpret this screen shot made just after the start: the guys on the left are heading out into the gulf - the ones in the center are kayaks heading straight across the bay and the ones on the right are tacking to go into Sarasota Bay

John (Mr Moon) Bell report just before the start

Friday, March 2:

Dr Frank Smoot's prelaunch photos

Three videos below are from Dr. Frank Smoot

Phil getting ready on the day before race day

"Ben" preparing for tomorrow's launch, Everglades Challenge 2012

"Sir Tacksalot" getting ready for the 2012 Everglades Challenge

Gary (Lugnut) Blankenship Pre-race report

John (mistermoon) Bell's photos

Patrick Johnson interviews Scott Widmier (click to listen)