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I just ran across this and thought that it was extremely informative. It made me think a lot and killed some myths I had heard and believed about how long you could survive in cold water.


Fast building two plywood Quick Canoes in one week to paddle down the Loire
in France.

Michael Storer

Strike 18 trimaran by Woods Designs tacking in a small cove at the HPCC in Lake Havasu. I didn't see the windsurfer until I had tacked. Build your own from plans by Woods Designs.


You may know about this publication. If not. Spend 30 min. The format, (the way it works) is user friendly. You can expand the page size with a dial, flip pages, wow. Of course the subject matter is what I am obsessing on at the moment..... proa's and sailing canoes. I think this is the second( ?) issue... in this format.

John Wright

Free ebooks

The Naval History of the United States, by Willis J. Abbot - Vol 1

The Naval History of the United States, by Willis J. Abbot - Vol 2

A Yacht Voyage to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, by W. A. Ross

Mike John

I just wanted to let your readers know about the wooden boat festival that we are running for the second time on 15th of April at the Mordialloc Sailing Club, Melbourne, Australia. Our first one last year was a great success even though the wind was so strong we did not make it onto the water. We are hoping for this years to be bigger and better. Information on the festival is on our website. Online registration is available as well as on the day.

Richard Lozell

Rear Commodore

Mordialloc Sailing Club

I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter.

David Shorty Routh

I built and launched the boat in 2006 but I recently bought a pocket camcorder and made the film.


Capsize recovery and buoyancy tests for small open sailboats.


Here is the direct link to a free video from Sail-Rite.


Here is a new - to me, at least - product that seems both functional and reasonably priced. 

Made in USA too.


This is a slide presentation showing you just one of the many projects we're working on at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding here on the Olympic Peninsula. One of our volunteers, Karen Gale, put the presentation together for us.

Pete Leenhouts

I have some pics here.

Hajo Smulders

Crazy Steve has gone crazy making paddles. He's having so much fun that he can't stop. They are real works of art. His wife Leena gathered a bunch of pictures showing how he does it. We've found that the "Greenland" style are the best and he makes 'um where they don't drip on you, weigh about 25 ounces for an eight footer and are strong enough so even I don't break 'um.

Dave Lucas

Thought this was down the Duckworks alley.

Tim Ferguson

Some great pics here.

Mike John

Lost love...

Mike John

The Inshore Internet Guide to SE Florida Boat Ramps!

Mike John

Whitewater Rescue Knots.

Mike John

Eclipse - The Largest Private Yacht in the World.

Mike John

Macatawa Bay Boat Works.

Mike John

His engine stalls...

Mike John

The flip ship...

Mike John

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