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Construct Curves to Smoothly Connect Lines

One of the steps when building my son's Optimist dinghy (similar to this 'ible) was to attach "knees" in all corners. Here the task was to find/construct a curve which neatly "connects" side and front edges.

From Instructables.


Small Craft Woodburning Stove

This woodburning stove is made from a 25lb propane fuel tank. Preparing such a tank for fabricating is to be accomplished by a professional metal fabricator only. This shows what is possible from such a tank.



Portable bilge-board extraction gantry. Pulling the trailer soon and filleting the inner trunk to floor angle. Then bottom job. 9000 lbs. Wish me luck. Story will appear on



Easy to make and quite successfully operating cleat.



Regarding the article on making stencils:

Good find with the sure swatch sheets. 

I've always put painters tape on the boat, then cut the stencil right on the boat to avoid having to transfer the stencil once it is cut.

I've posted before, don't remember where, I learned this trick. To eliminate bleed under a stencil, paint it with the background (hull) color first. Allow that to dry. It will seep where seeping is possible and seal up all the little gaps and what not along the edge of the stencil. Only after it is dry, paint with the lettering/graphic color. You will have zero bleed. 

If you don't believe me, try it. Paint a scrap of wood with a background color. Apply a strip of tape (no need to do a fancy letter or anything), then paint the background color again against one edge of the tape. Wait for it to dry, then paint another color along that edge. Go ahead and paint it along the other edge too (the one you didn't seal with the background color). Wait for it to dry, then peel the tape. You'll be impressed at the difference between the two edges.



A product called "Frisket" is the ideal material for making stencils. It was developed for airbrush artists and it works exceedingly well, hold a clean line and paint doesn't seep under it. This product is available at hobby and art supply outfits, like Joann's Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.

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