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Scarf Cutting Jig for Miter Saw

Here is my scarfing fixture for a sliding miter saw.

It took me about five minutes to build this scarf jig. I set the saw to 7 degrees and clamped the work piece. Use caution not to hit the c-clamp.

These are the oak 1 X 2s ready for gluing for my AF4 wales.

Bob H.

Bandsaw Stand from Scrap Lumber

I have a portable bandsaw that I absolutely love - it's one of my favorite and most useful tools. Cutting small pieces of metal with any degree of precision can be difficult, however. What I needed was a stand to turn it into a benchtop saw.

This is a super simple low cost stand that is very easy to make and can be built in an afternoon.

Mike John from Instuctables.

A Boat Rack

Believe it or not, my wife does not share my enthusiasm for this boat transportation idea.



This is the tiller of my Ilur sailboat, with the new Huntingford Helm Impeder in use. This is such a nice improvement, and makes singlehanding so easy. It holds the tiller where I put it, and lets me move the tiller if I want to adjust, or come about. Plus, it is all set up with little brass clips, so I can remove it altogether if I want.

Peter M

Aluminium Canoe

10 hours! No wonder they are everywhere!

Josh Crystal Withe


When I started Phoenix III over 18 months ago, the first thing I bought was a set of 8 industrial castors. I have used these before on a rolling base for my planer thicknesser and they are brilliant. I knew I would need a mobile strongback as at some stage I might have to move things around. As it happened it wasn't until yesterday that this became necessary. Each castor can carry a weight of up to 80 kg and if you choose the bolt-on version you can use with an M10 bolt and with the aid of locking nuts easily adjust the height.



I made the external stem out of laminated sapele using the inner stem as the mold. I did this in two batches using self taping steel screws to hold things firm. I was going to stop there, but thought a bright finish might look ok so I then added a final lamination using clamps to cover up the existing screw holes. The stem was then shaped using my trusty block plane and glued using a combination of ratchet straps and clamps.


Shaper Origin

This changes everything. Shaper Origin is the world's first handheld CNC machine. At Shaper, we're fusing computers with handheld tools.


Flak Jackets

Made these flak jackets for my Mayfly 14. The rubber mat portion protects the gunnels. Yet to be tested.



ToolTimeTip - just came across this on today's 'Cool Tools' site - I can see a great many applications in boat-building, bus rehab, rough and trim carpentry, and a host (of activities) too numerous to mention. Especially useful for me since I have to work alone most of the time. I have no financial or ownership interest in this level - though I likely will spend the money to buy one.

On Amazon.

Tom Burton

Hot Wire Cutter

Styrofoam is a great material and can be used for many things like prototyping, prop making and even RC airplanes. Cutting styrofoam can be very tricky though. The best tool for this is a hot wire foam cutter. I wanted to be able to recycle styrofoam for future projects, so I decided to make my own.

A hot wire foam cutter is fairly easy to make and many people have done so already. I didn't want to just copy someone else's design, so I designed my own with the best features I could think of. I tried to make it look cool as well and also added laser engravings to the table!

This project was designed to be cut on a CNC router, but can definitely be made by hand! I have included all of the design files, so you can make your own. Let's get started!

found by Mike John from Instructables

Sanding Blocks

Using sanding belts as sanding blocks. I always have a 80g and 120g ready.


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