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by Dan Rogers - Diamond Lake, Washington - USA


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Time to clean up, put stuff away, and get ready for the next phase.

The night shift just knocked off, and reports that the cabin foundations are hell-for-stout.  And, I think they are.

In the truest belt-and-suspenders tradition, we got a foundation that would probably hold up the house - that only weighs a few pounds.  Mostly foam.  A layer of ¼” plywood.  A bunch of glue.  And a pretty heavy set of layers of 18 oz. biaxial cloth and ‘pox to hold it all in place on the outside, and lighter stuff inside.

The (future) cabin spaces have been more or less cleared for installing stuff.  But, the next phase is, to get “done” with some more of the messy stuff, big-piece assemblies, that really need to get together before the snow flies and it’s time to get the shop closed up.

After about an hour on the phone with Sam, the foam-fabrication genius, I think I have an even better plan for getting the cabin coachroof cambered and all those other “erd’s”.  Soooooooo.

The search for that “pleasing” camber, and the tooling to make it happen, is next up.

Tally hooooooooo…

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