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by Chuck Seymour - Winter Haven, Florida - USA 

This is my rendition of a Shanteuse. Her name is Whimsey - built more of less per plans. I added a bit of rocker at the sheer. I used 3/8 pine on sides and cabin top, all coated with 2/1 epoxy. The bottom is covered with one layer of glass. The paint is oil based enamel. Power is provided by a 6 HP 4-stroke Evinrude motor with low hours that I paid $850 for. It pushes her 985 pounds nicely in a moderate chop (1-2 feet). It is a good bass boat.

Whimsey is a protected water boat only with her airboat style hull.

I built a bimini out of canvas with PVC supports, very simple and easy. It takes 5 or so minutes to set up.

Starboard side - added a bit of rocker to sheer clamp to sweeten her lines. My wife reluctantly agreed to stand there to give Whimsey a sense of proportion - she is 5' 4" tall.
Looking forward with Mya a few days before launching.
Simple Auto Style fuse/switch panel with old Apelco Sounder.
Forward - due to noise in choppy water, carpet and close off panel added later.
So far, my homemade blocks are working - not binding.
Dec 2013 - Ready to roll her over.
Just enough clearance for the roll over.
Sigh of relief - time to fabricate and install the cabin roof.
Will she leak? Water temp 50F brrr - had been looking toward this day for over a year. Did a check for gators before I slid her in.
March 2014, Lake Pierce, Florida - Launch Day for Whimsey - 12 miles from Winter Haven.

Since her launching I have designed and built a one man kayak using ¼" plywood and epoxy with positive flotation. It weighs 61 pounds and fits nicely in my small pickup.

I am a retired mechanic (aircraft) pilot. I spent 45 plus years in aviation, mainly on small planes and commuter type airlines. I worked in the US and abroad, Alaska, Caribbean, and South America. I am also ex- military/army/Vietnam/infantry.

For the first time in many years I am without a sailboat. I raced a bit 36' C. C. for 2 years in Marco Island, FL, then got tired of the club scene, so I quit.

I will start on a sailboat in October.

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