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 Goat Island Skiff

Day three for Zach on his Goat Island Skiff.

MIK Storer

Spring Break Family Boat Building

Come to beautiful Port Aransas over Spring Break with the family to build a boat in three days and play on the beach the rest of the week. Our popular family event has been a sellout at our October plyWooden Boat Festival. 

Dates: March 14-16, 2016

Location: Farley Boat Works, 716 West Avenue C, Port Aransas, TX

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Instructor, Frank Coletta, (210) 218-9961

Fee: $750 per boat.

Space limited to 4 boats 

Would you or your family like to build a boat like the one below with expert supervision along with 3 other families? If so, sign up now for the Farley Boat Works Family Boatbuilding class at the Farley Boat Works in beautiful Port Aransas.

Each family (it can be a single adult or up to 4 people including kids as young as 10) will build a QT Skiff, designed by noted small boat designer, Jim Michalak. This fine little "Flattie" skiff is perfect for fishing, birdwatching or just messing around in boats. It can be carried in the back of a pick-up truck or on top of a car. The boat is 13 feet by 45 inches and weighs less then 100 pounds.

We will start the class at 9:00 AM Monday, March 14 and finish Wednesday afternoon, March 16 with a maiden voyage in the harbor. Participation by family and friends are encouraged.

Each student will take home a completed unpainted boat at the end of the class. Materials and tools will be provided. 

Register at 

Deadline for registration is February 18, 2016.

The Blue Canoe

As an addendum to the article, here is a picture after reworking the deck.

And a video. This made a huge difference.


Cornish Shrimper

Getting ready to restore this little gem, 1986 Cornish Shrimper. Since I have been sensitized to epoxy for the last 10 years, I can't build new anymore. So a restoration it is.


Green Woodpecker

Just to 'wet' your appetites for 2016 - I have a 20' shallow draft 'barge' yacht with Broads type lifting roof getting close to completion on the drawing board as well as a 'commuter' boat and I am determined to finish the drawings for that 15' version of the Simplicity 14.

Some projects change in direction half way through which is why the 27'x7'4" steam/electric launch drawings have not been available so far but this is another plan set I hope to finish in 2016 - in the meantime, here are some photos of Mark Walker's construction for her (to be called green Woodpecker) - she is now planked and almost ready for turning over.

Paul Fisher

Walkabout and Saturday Night Special

Look what arrived in my message box from Pastor Todd, his stretched Walkabout with cabin Which is nearing completion up in Minnesota. Look at that perfect floor he is working on. I am impressed. He says he is putting in cockpit coamings before finalizing deck hardware, steering and then painting. Isn't Deeper Calling absolutely awesome?


Two more arrivals in my in box, the first photos of Saturday Night Special from Idaho via my friend Phil McCowin. Look at those barns behind, they are chock full of boats but Phil joyfully joined our build team for the SNS and the Texas 200. We are working to produce a dozen to sail the Texas 200 this next June, 2016 to raise money to fight cancer with a group sail along the Texas coast and pledges to those sailing. I have donated funding for six loaner SNS as part of my Spirit of the Red Scamp charity and construction has begun on these, along with several private builds like Phil's here. Not too late to join us, they are fast builds!


Mast and Spars

I've been working away in my workshop building the boom and yard for SEI. The little 15 ft double ender has been a rowing only boat since her launching a month or so ago, I was out two nights ago and rowed down to the mouth of the river and back on a full moon night with magically mirror calm water. Beautiful, but I'm looking forward to sailing her. I've a posting on my blog about building the spars.

John Welsford

Outrigger Canoe

My winter personal small project, converting a sit on top kayak on outrigger canoe. With my in stock junk sail rig. I want to have a light sailboat for coastal treck.


From Facebook.

The Electric Slide

Some more pictures of the Electric Slide.

Fred Night

Here is the article on the boat.

Rowing Shell

Another one, in before the end of the year: A skin-on-frame rowing shell. 24' x 12" {7.3m x 30cm}, with a hull weight of 35lbs {16kg}. I built the wing and seat, but there are some commercial parts as well.

Dave Gentry


A Ross Lillistone "Flint" going together in Georgia.


For My Next Trick I Cut a Lady in Half

ED becomes NED. Today I roused the courage to lop the bow and stern off the Nesting Expedition Dinghy.


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