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 Eastern Messabout, 2016

The Eastern Messabout will be held the weekend of June 3-5 at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland? The camping loop we take over is the Elk Loop, and we meet daily at the ramp at pirates cove a short drive away. Camping spots go fast and they are open for registration now. Just go to the their website. This is just a group of "friends" getting together to sail, row, or paddle small boats, not a sanctioned state park event. Pot luck BBQ's on Friday and Saturday night down at the beach around the corner south of the boat ramp and stone jetty. Bring a side, meat, or dessert.

Paul Moffitt

A Boatbuilding Class

Farley Boat Works is offering an opportunity to build the Port Aransas skiff in just two weeks (10 working days). This class allows you, the builder, to complete a 16' long x 5' beam, tiller operated outboard skiff designed for inland and coastal waters. This versatile little skiff is capable of planning with as little as a 15-hp motor. Theses skiff are built with okoume marine plywood. The kit includes everything except primer and paint. We will building at the Farley Boat Works where all tools will be provided. Builders are encouraged to bring family and friends to help. At the end of class the student builder will take home a completed hull ready for sanding and painting. The builder will need to provide a trailer to take the boat home at the end of the class.

Dates: April 19-30, 2016

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesdays thru Saturdays

Instructor: Frank Coletta and Farley Boat Works crew

Class size: Space limited to 2 boats

Class Fee: $3995

Deadline for registration: March 19, 2016

Deposit: $1000 upon registration with balance ($2995) due on or before first day of class

For more details and registration go to 

Class location: Farley Boat Works, 716 West Avenue C, Port Aransas, TX 

For more information call Frank Coletta at (210) 218-9961. 



The inside of the Flint is now painted. Visible on the foredeck are a few custom items I added: a breakwater and pads for sidelights and horn.


Indian Runner

Just received photos of another Selway Fisher steam launch under construction - in this case, the 17'9" Indian Runner being built by Adriaan Vanderveen in Australia. The finish looks superb.

Paul Fisher


Dragged up a few photos of my new boat in final fitting out. In these photos you can see the wood stove set up. Two piece hearth (light weight tiles yet to be added), black bag on the left is the dinghy, black bag on the right is the emergency ditch bag. Galley set up in the 2nd photo and the cuddy cabin door with halyard bag. The cuddy door is an important safety feature and an integral part of the cabin inflation system (Thanks again Chuck for the assist, Yahooo to Duckworks). (Photos by Dave Nichols the director of the Below 40 South documentary. The cushions are an integral part of the safety/flotation system. They are attached to the boat by metal fasteners and velcro. Each has a tan acrylic canvas form fitting cover to help keep them relatively dry and clean while in use. The cushions are cellular foam and offer extra buoyancy and protection from being banged up as I sail through waves, make rocky beach landings, etc.



Saw the post about poor mans' fiberglass and had the perfect opportunity to try it sitting in the shop. A box cover to hold the kayak rack. We also built the cover using modified SOF strategies ... skin being 1/8 and 1/4 plywood with PMF cotton and cotton/poly sheets. Here's a link for more info.

I made some discoveries along the way that I will try next time. Too much to post here tho.


Stand-Up Paddle Board

Added progress with lateral supports. Soon shaping and poor man's epoxy begins.


Saturday Night Special

Lots of exciting news on Saturday Night Special builds down in Texas. This hull belongs to Bobby Chilek of Texas, who will sail it with his daughter this June in the Texas 200 fleet as part of our American Cancer fund raising effort. He reports being slowed down by life but moving along rapidly with the build, says it will be done in three months of part time building. Bobby is fully employed. Both Bobby Chilek and his daughter are Texas 200 veterans. Bobby, what is your daughter's name and name of boat?

Can she join us in March in Port Aransas, Texas for our group build?

The sails are the green polytarp sails from Polysail International being tested by John Goodman on his Goat Island Skiff. These will be used on the loaner hull we are building in Texas and were donated by John Goodman. Our hull will be painted hot fushia with paler green cockpit and maybe bright green trim. Christine DeMerchant is coming to Texas to help build her and sail her to raise money so I say Christine gets to name her.



Last coat of glass on bottom - it will make 18 oz. now.


RSS Sail

First hoist of the Really Simple Sail (RSS) for the SNS (Saturday Night Special).


Sailor Spidyman

All sailboat dreams start somewhere - 1/12 scale.

As usual, Spider-man gets all the best toys. Learned a great deal building this model, quite surprised by the size of the sail. Now, on to my dream boat, the Bolger Micro.



From Timber To Tide from Pixillion on Vimeo.

Nice little film about why we build wooden boats. (With some really good boat porn to boot!).


SOF based on the Cortez Scallop Skiff

Latest project, nearing completion. It's a 7' {2.13m} rowboat for kids. Weighs about 19lbs {8.6kg} and can carry a couple of kids (or one adult). She's based on the Cortez Scallop Skiff, on display at the Florida Maritime Museum.

Dave Gentry


This is a photo of the first 14ft Zeta trimaran being built in the UK. It is a very simple build, with a hard chine main hull and deep V outriggers. Build time is easily under 150 hours for those who have built boats before. It has excellent performance thanks to its light hulls and big, efficient rig. You can see more about the Zeta.

Plans from Duckworks of course.

Richard Woods

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