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 1880s Bateau

We are restoring an 1880s Bateau, designed by Capt T. P. Leathers of the steamboat(s) "Natchez" fame. She looks a lot like lower Mississippi river skiffs of the time.


Zuider 32

James Ruley's 32' Zuider Zee Cruiser is taking shape in his back yard.

Jeff Spira


Farley Boat Works working on Jackie Monies two Saturday Night Specials. Thanks to Charlie Jones for the photos.

Chuck Leinweber


Really went banging through the chop this weekend on "Grub".

It was the first time I felt relaxed with the motion and sound of the boat in rough water.

I'm thinking it was because of two recent changes to Grub: the new keel which significantly changes the impact of chop, and the addition of Doel-fin hydrofoils on the engine which stopped any cavitation in confused water, and very subtly changed the sound of the engine.

Tom David

30' Cornish Motor Gig

New designs often take quite a time to come to fruition so I am always glad to see photos of work I did several years back - here are some recently received of the 30' Cornish Motor Gig with hull finished.

Paul Fisher

Perfect 10 Tug

My miniature tugboat.


Pointy Skiff

Here are some of pictures of a Payson 10 1/2 foot Pointy Skiff I built for my nieces, nephew and their kids. Next year something in 'stitch n glue', for me.


Venezia 525

Venezia 525, my first motor design. I try to make it my own way.


Yakyak 365

New summer work! Yakyak 365 12 " Sit On top kayak with sail and daggerboard.

Jérôme Delaunay

Sleeping Accommodations


"Half Pint"

Well, making some progress on bringing my little Rhodes Robin "Half Pint" back to life. Not exactly a spectacular restoration job, but somewhat better than 60 grit. I confess that I have been adding flotation. Apparently back in the 60's if you owned a little boat like this you were expected to keep it upright.


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