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After two years of on and off construction, my daughter launched her own kayak.

She named it Beta, after a fish she had, and proceeded to blow me away in a race between her kayak and my sawfish kayak.

She did almost all of the work, I just had to show her how to do each step.

Overall Beta is almost 16' long, and 24" wide. The hull is plywood, but to save weight we replaced the decks and bulkheads with foam.

The rails are scrap wood from packing crates at my work.

Beta in motion, fast!

Build album.

We did discover one tiny leak on the shakedown cruise, a tie wrap stub had fallen out during sanding, some magic goop fixed that.


Kids Mouse

Yesterday, we finished up our second and final youth boat building camp for 2016. Four more Mouse Boats were built and launched by four 11-14 year old students. Dads and granddads helped the boys along with volunteer Sue LaCour.



Tony Darrah has launched his Selway Fisher Lillie canoe yawl:

I thought I'd send you a quick email just to let you know that my build is finished at last, and the boat was launched the other day on Hickling Broad. Quite windy at the start of our week, but it moderated as time went by, so we progressed from jib plus reefed mizzen (perfectly balanced) by gradual degrees to full sail (ditto).

Everything worked as intended, and the boat proved stiffer than I was expecting – always a pleasant surprise. Very grateful for all your support during a rather protracted, but very enjoyable, build process.

I called this design 'Lillie' after my mother.


Thames 17 Rowing Skiff

Here are pictures just received of Robin Prior's nicely built Selway Fisher Thames 17 rowing skiff 'Frannie D' in San Diego fitted out for single rowing.

Pau Fisher

Chuckanut 17

First splash for the new Dave Gentry design, Chuckanut 17. Couldn't be happier with how it performed.


Bolger Tennessee

A friends Tennessee built by Dave Wilson of that state.


Quick Canoe

Here is the Quick Canoe I built from Michael Storer plans purchased from Duckworks. I've been using it regularly the last couple of months and its holding up well in a pretty harsh environment. Its built out of Lauan ply with pine gunwales, taped seems and coated in epoxy. I find the boat a bit tippy compared to other canoes I have owned. If I were to build another, I would widen the bottom 3-4 inches. Of course then you would need 4 sheets of ply instead of 3, but I made the bottom out of 3/8" so I used 4 sheets anyway. I also paddle in exposed water around the Virgin Islands which can be a bit more of a challenge than what most people use this boat for. It took 11 days start to finish, mostly an hour or two at a time after work. This is a fun, simple, and cheap project I would recommend to anyone.


Paddle Board

So I finally got that paddle board I've been making done. Unfortunately, it was struck by a branch in a high wind thunderstorm so it got a bandaid. (I know she's not using the correct paddle, but when she set out she was sitting on it and the paddle I built is almost taller than she is.)


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