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Light Dory

I love this pic, Stephen sent it to me shortly after he launched this boat. Its one of my Light Dory designs, and he's done a nice job of it. Thanks for the reminder Stephen.

John Welsford


It's been a little while since I've sent you a Splash account, but here's another one. Over the weekend of September 23-25, at Stockton Sailfest Messabout 2016 on Stockton Lake, Missouri, I put my latest project in the water. 

It's a small skin-on-frame sailing canoe, loosely based on Gavin Atkin's "Imp" canoe design. I used the molds to make station frames and bent the stringers around them to form the canoe shape. The only mechanical fasteners and glue I have in it are holding on the mast step and rubrails. Otherwise, it's completely lashed together. 

It sails decently, but is a little tippy with the ridiculous 45-square-foot lateen I have on it. I'll likely add SOF amas to it and make it a trimaran over the winter. 

Here are some pics and a link to a video I made from footage of the messabout. 

Trevor Akin

Bolger/Payson 10-1/2

A Bolger/Payson 10-1/2 I built for our nieces, nephew and their kids.



We are in Capetown. All 3 of us "the team" Anthony De-Richelieu Matthew Ryan and Manie HJ Botha.

We are safe the boat is in one piece and we are here finally.

Did some basic tests at the Vaaldam and the big tests will be done here in Capetown.



Splashed BackSplash - video soon!

Perttu Korhonen

Randy Novak's 24' V-Bottom Clemente Dory

He wrote to me:

"I can't imagine any boat performing better, to be honest. It seems to come up instantly and flat as a pancake. It was an awesome day. Almost 2-1/2 years in the making and still needs finishing touches. Can't begin to say thanks enough to you for offering up such a wonderful experience." has plans (including free study prints) for this 24x8 V-Bottom Clemente Dory. These have been built all over the world and are proving themselves easy-to-build but tough rough water boats.

Clemente by Randy

This Jeff Spira designed build, called the Clemente, was almost a 2 1/2 year family project and still requires some finishing touches such as adding seats doors and its name Erie Feeling. We worked on it outdoors, on nice Ohio weekends in the spring, summer and fall. Seven years ago I built the smaller design version Jeff offers called the Hatteras design. I guess building one tends to get in your blood because the moment the first boat was finished I knew I wanted to build another some day. That time came sooner than expected as a result of new opportunities to spend more time with my brother. We bought our first boat together with our own earnings before either of us were 12 years old and have loved boating ever since. After high school, up to now we had not been able to spend time together. So this building opportunity has been an extra rewarding experience.

I had a few improvements over the Hatteras build in mind for this build that turned out well. We used polystyrene foam fill but we added fire and chemical resistance to it by epoxying it and painting it. I wanted the bilge to be able to breathe a little so we chose to make foam blocks. We sealed the deck. We added lifting strakes and coamings as well. We also made the console tapered. All proved to work out well. The Erie Feeling comes up on plane very quickly and flat and is not at all temperamental in performing at cruising speed. It feels much more stable to me cruising. It also feels safer and more comfortable walking around the console. Some of that could be associated with the 4 blade small pitch prop we chose for mid range power and walleye trolling.

The build is a relatively inexpensive work boat build but it turned out real pretty. The outboard dealer had it stored on the showroom floor when we went to pick it up after the installation.



Bolsa Chica Stand Up Paddleboard

Just got this email about my Bolsa Chica Stand Up Paddleboard,

Dear Jeff

My son and I have just completed and successfully tested a SUP build from your plans. Thanks very much for your work in design and making available excellent plans for what has turned out to be a very enjoyable build.

We learned a lot on the way and were glad to have even limited experience of building a 7ft rowing boat prior to tackling the sup. Your plans were easy to use and were exactly as described - no experience necessary and easy to make on weekends. We decided to add floatation foam for extra buoyancy and were glad of it in the end. Although our experience on sups is limited to some holiday tryouts, we were impressed with the stability and easy glide through the water. The last time I was on a SUP, I broke a couple of ribs falling onto the board and was worried that it would be a folly to build my own but we are very pleased with the results. It's not just for the inexperienced boat builder but also pretty good for the inexperienced paddler!

We tested the sup on Lake Kawongbah in Queensland, Australia - your plans are really international! I have attached a few photos for your perusal.

Many thanks and we can't wait for the next fine weekend to glide on the water again!

Andrew Russell


Huntington Harbor Kayak

I received this photo recently from Charles Timm. He and his son built the Huntington Harbor Kayak over the summer:

Nice job on the boat, Charles. I'm sure your boy will remember this experience for the rest of his life.

The plans and instructions are FREE and may be downloaded at:

Jeff Spira



Here the splash of an KD860 - the Indian way. The boat was lengthened by 4 feet. As a reminder of how the original design looks, I include an extra photo of a KD860 sailing in New Zealand.

Out of the shed

On the road

There she goes

Tired but happy

Original KD860 sailing happily in New Zealand

Bernd Kohler

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