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Projects - 1999

Small Ohio Sharpie
This is a Reuel B. Parker design that can be found in his The Sharpie Book.

ohio2_small.jpg (2568 bytes)

David Beede builds Herb McLeod's One Sheet Skiff launch.jpg (8266 bytes)
Brad builds a Six hour canoe, and more... hasse11.jpg (41348 bytes)

Frank Ellinghaus
baut ein Boot

v12_01_small.jpg (2086 bytes)
Hans does it again Bild21.jpg (42018 bytes) Fritz Funk built this great
LaunchRamp.jpg (12546 bytes)
Take a look at Nathan Levin's Tiki 26 namaste.jpg (12218 bytes) Edgar Kleindinst's
dognosed kayak
dsc00028.jpg (47690 bytes)
Marie Cobb's
dc-10-1_small.jpg (2670 bytes)

Matthew Long has built a nice brick.  Click Here

apbrail.jpg (19356 bytes)
Hans Friedel: designs his own kayak hans2.jpg (25045 bytes) Black Cat
Dudley Dix builds his own Didi 38
dix.jpg (67584 bytes)
S.F. Bay Pelican
Built by Bob Guess for Ed Cobb
kermit.jpg (22561 bytes) Bob Willams builds Jim Michalak's
Piccup Pram
piccup.jpg (9851 bytes)
Raven 16
Sean Herron designs his own deep vee.
Raven1.gif (2859 bytes) Lark
This design by Ken Brown is an easy to build taped seam rowboat
lark_small.jpg (1967 bytes)
A new Project by
Andre Gignac
A 10 ft. self design,
running_small.JPG (1490 bytes) Wee Lassie
A 13 1/2 Ft. strip plank canoe
weelass1_small.jpg (1921 bytes)
A popular 16 ft. Phil Bolger design.
windsprint2.jpg (17916 bytes) One Sheet Skiff
Designed by Herb McLeod
skiff1_small.jpg (1913 bytes)
Lightening 17 Kayak
A Don Moore kit
kayak_small.jpg (1618 bytes) Nymph
From the board of Phil Bolger
nymph_small.jpg (1867 bytes)
Jim Millington's stitch and tape canoe
Canoe4_small.JPG (3644 bytes) Little Gem
Herb McLeod builds a flat-bottomed skiff.
gem1_small.jpg (1984 bytes)
Your Editor built Tennessee
Designed by Phil Bolger
Bill Walker Builds a barge scow8_small.jpg (2002 bytes)


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