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Design by Dana Munkelt

Essential statistics

20' x 10' x 9"
SA = 210 - 240

Dana Munkelt
San Diego, California

Dear Duckworks:

Enclosed you will find some sketches for your trailer crusier contest.

First, this is an outrigger, not a proa.

Second, this will be complicated to build, as there are nearly two boats worth of parts  here: steering linkage, aka folding, very narrow port shroud angle... But quite beachable, little heeling or rolling at anchor, no weather helm, available beach cat rigs, deck tent covering as much as 7x7', and good average speed.  And oh, the pleasure of lounging on a trampoline on a sunny day as the water ripples below you — so much nicer than a hard cockpit seat!

Construction is plain, old, chined ply, taped or conventional, 1/4" throughout (ama could be less). Glassing might not be needed if stored under shelter. Akas hinge forward on I" dia. aluminum tube pins to reduce beam for trailering, and are held extended by pins and a stay lead aft to a tumbuckle. They can be "I" or box section, about 5" square inboard and tapering an inch outboard.  Ama can be bulkheaded, used for stowage, water ballasted, maybe a big built-in icebox?

Accomodation for two will be primarily in a tent on deck made of three pvc pipe arehes.  The aft cabin (coffin?) might have a canvas berth, but I've tried such an arrangement and it's best for stowing things and a porta-potty. My preference would be to avoid the "2+2" effect of such a cabin, and go with a flat deck to save some time, weight, and improve performance

Good luck with your contest.

Dana Munkelt


Sail Plan

sailplan.gif (9006 bytes)

Top View

topview.gif (16468 bytes)


section.gif (4659 bytes)

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