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Projects - 2000

David Telles builds his own design

boat bow jpg.jpg (20239 bytes)

Ken Abrahams builds Uncle Johns John Boat

Mvc-005s.jpg (26769 bytes)

Ray Dionne
does a Diablo

dionne.jpg (3320 bytes)

Maarten Adriaans is building Ian Oughtred's Acorn Tender

Maarten.jpg (4766 bytes)

Mark Paquette builds Jim Michalak's Mayfly

mayfly.jpg (3264 bytes)

Tom Strong builds Glen-l's Alpha 2

alpha.jpg (2376 bytes)

Sam Flaherty's Yangtze Project

yangtze.jpg (3490 bytes)

Two projects from Brian Keltch: A Dory and a Kayak

keltch.jpg (4228 bytes)
A Glen-L Riviera by Mark Bronkalla boat_stop_fr_tube_small.jpg (1846 bytes)

Rich Demming completes his Pointy Skiff

rdpointy.jpg (3354 bytes)
Ken Seebeck does a cruising kayak Tom builds a Montana fishing Dory Dory1.jpg (67813 bytes)
Thomas Marks builds
Mike&Sharpies.jpg (38069 bytes) Dejan does it again Bill.jpg (26757 bytes)
George Shannon builds a Teal teal2.jpg (15892 bytes)

Norman Knodel builds Seakeeper, a one sheeter of his own design

Mayo_small.jpg (2807 bytes)
John Tuma builds the Perfect Skiff Img13_small.jpg (2260 bytes) Vin Mansolillo helps son, John build Jim Michalak's Piccup Pram Piccup best.jpg (21699 bytes)
Don Hodges has a good start on Sweet Caroline sweetcaroline_small.jpg (1837 bytes) "Maddog" MacBride is building Tom MacNaughton's Penny albatrossmall.gif (8167 bytes)
Visit Terry Bennett's
CANDU E-Z page
mytug.gif (6777 bytes) Mike has built the biggest model that I've seen
Take a Look
mikes.jpg (2953 bytes)
My friend Larry Henry begins a Bolger Brick LayOut3_small.gif (7728 bytes) Rich Deming gets going on a Bolger Nymph nymph_small.jpg (3032 bytes)

Frank San Miguel has almost finished Jim Michalak's AF3

af3_small.jpg (2831 bytes)


Claude L'Honnen   builds Egoist - get   your free plans at his website ego14.gif (43300 bytes) Kilburn Adams designs and builds: Skiff America 20 skiff3.jpg (8169 bytes)
Gary Kellins builds the perfect fly-fishing boat sport.jpg (8424 bytes) David Beede's latest project - Phil Bolger's Featherwind fthlug5s.jpg (6916 bytes)
Bjorn Harbo is building Bolgers William D Jochems Schooner Schooner.gif (4540 bytes) Dale Ruth builds a bunch of pointy skiffs pointyskiff.jpg (12330 bytes)
Hans's best effort yet Bb8.jpg (21749 bytes) Don Hodges built this great bow shelter shelter2.jpg (69262 bytes)
Rich Deming has done a great job on Herb,s One Sheet Skiff Fritz Funk designed and built Wacky Lassie


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