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March, 2002

From: Paul Day:

A funny thing happened on the way to the paint shop today. i finally finished sanding the second hull of the schooner and with 10 minutes to closing time I jumped in the truck and headed to the paint shop , some 400 metres up the road. as I revved the truck to beat traffic I heard a grindy crunchy noise. I pulled into the carpark and lifted the engine cover . Water pump , Bloodywater pump. Whilst at the counter buying the paint for my boat I was on the Mobile to the Kia dealer pricing the pump And SNAP , same price! TO THE DOLLAR. And so to my new Ironic theory of life:


Not only do I have to walk for the next couple of days , I cant paint!!

So close and yet so far, Paul 

March, 2002

From Roger Dewhurst: 

Roger Dewhurst,

Politicians and babies nappies
should be changed frequently,
and for much the same reason.

March, 2002

From Shorty Routh:

While driving, guy was run off road.

Boat kept truck from falling off cliff:

Moral of story, we should have a boat with us at all times!


March, 2002

From: Craig O'Donnell:

Friday May 10

Chesapeake Light Craft Open House Held at CLC's shop and store, 1805 George Street, Annapolis from noon - 5pm. Meet the staff and see how we make our kits. Refreshments. Free. More info: 410-267-0137.

Saturday May 11 9am-5pm
Sunday May 12 9am-3pm

OkoumeStock 2002

The fourth annual OkoumeStock will be held at YMCA Camp Letts, on the 
Rhode River just south of Annapolis. Sponsored by Chesapeake Light 
Craft of Annapolis, this is a two-day festival for kayakers and 
small-boat enthusiasts.

All small sailing, paddling and rowing boats welcome. Come sail and 
paddle CLC's line of over 30 boats. See and try our current crop of 
prototypes (the Fast Double kayak, the Chester Yawl, the 
as-yet-unnamed Sailing Beach Cruiser, and more). Special workshops 
and seminars both days in the Boathouse.

Admission is $10 for either one or two days. Lunch is included and 
participants receive a free CLC T-shirt.

Please preregister by calling Customer Service at 410-267-0137. 
Preregister online after March 15 at 

Tent camping is available at $10 per night on Friday and/or Saturday.

Stay tuned to our web page for more specifics and directions:

Thanks - Craig 

March, 2002

From: Richard Spelling 

There is a new issue of Chebacco online at


March, 2002

From Rob Denney 


Our new web site is now up and running.

There are still a lot of things to be added to it and progress reports will be included as they happen. I will not be mailing out regular reports as I have in the past.

The site name is 

Any comments on the site, or on what you want to see on it, much appreciated.



March, 2002

From Peter Barter:

Has anyone built or sailed an Acorn skiff based on I Oughtred's design? As I am currently building one myself, in France, I would welcome the opportunity to glean information, advice, opinions on the subject. I am building the 12' version with a centreboard, have just fitted the keel, transom and stem and am about to start fairing them prior to boarding, have not yet decided on the rig (but plan a hollow mast and, possibly, spars) and am aiming to varnish the boat inside and out.

I hope to hear from someone!

Peter Barter 

March, 2002

Summer is just around the Corner…..

And a USCG Auxiliary Boating Course may just be the ticket

By Wayne Spivak, ADSO-CS 1SR

It’s March, and the weather has reversed itself.  March is, if we believe in the old adage, “in like a lion, out like a lamb”, been playing games with us.  One day it was 25º; cold and clammy, and the next day it was 55º and sunny.

Warm weather days like the one’s we’ve been having make all of us think about getting our boats ready.  We start thinking of all the chores involved in making our craft seaworthy for the upcoming season.  But of all the tasks that we have on our list, the one that never seems to make its way toward the top is EDUCATION.

The art and science of what we call boating changes with each new technological advance.  Just look at the boating bible, Chapman’s “Piloting Seamanship & Small boat Handling”.  Through the years, sections have grown and shrunk, been added and deleted. 

Skills you may have learned have grown rusty, new gadgets have changed the way we apply our skills.  But unless we update our skill sets, we may not be as safe a boater as we might be.  Educational seminar and courses are the answer, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary is here to help.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, with its 34,000 members, provides the boating public with fair number of boating courses.  These courses range from “Boating Fun - Adventure on the Water” for the kindergarten child to the 3rd grader; to “Navigating with GPS”, for the adult who like his toys.

Here are some of our courses:

Seminar Courses

  • Boating Fun - Adventure on the Water to teach the basic safety concepts to children in grades K-3.
  • Waypoints - A Guide to Boating Safely for older children and youths in grades 4-6.
  • Personal Watercraft for those who want a brief, very basic introduction to the safety issues involved when operating a PWC.
  • Navigating with GPS for those who want a brief, very basic introduction to navigating with GPS.

Multi-Lesson Courses

  • ABC -America's Boating Course- oriented toward hunters, anglers, and beginning boaters who need to do home study.
  • Boating Safely oriented toward hunters, anglers, skiers and operators of PWCs.
  • Boating Skills and Seamanship for both beginning and experienced power boaters.
  • Sailing Fundamentals for both beginning and experienced sailors (also known as "Sailing and Seamanship").
  • Basic Coastal Navigation an introduction to coastal piloting.
  • Advanced Coastal Navigation for serious boaters who want to learn piloting techniques.

Not all courses are given at all locations or all the time.  The courses offered depend on your area, and the volunteers that make up the Auxiliary.  Check with your local Auxiliary Flotilla or check the national web site at