Well, I’ve wanted to build a boat for 15 years, maybe longer. I am a true fan of working boats, commercial fishing boats, and tugs. Time just won’t allow me to do that right now, so I was looking for a hull to build on, fiberglass or wood; I just wanted one that was different from the normal, so I could add that personal touch. As I was surfing through your e-mag, I found Mr. Jim’s plans, and I have bought 3 of them. Then one morning before work, I was getting my boat fix for the day, and I came across Marc Pauls' boat in projects and then again in the classifieds. I e-mailed him, and we worked out a deal that was good for both of us, so I could pick her up at the messabout this past June. I was going, boat or not, just to look and ask 1 zillion questions of the others there. It worked out great; I trailered her home; she tracked beautifully

I got out my sketches, and then went looking for the parts at Lowes. I am using door skins to keep the top part light, and then I got to messing with the paint, and looking at it from a distance. I liked what I saw and just kept messing with it, sketches went bye-bye. I finally got some pictures, and let the people I work with see the before and after; they liked it enough to an ask who was doing the work.

Hey, it’s me!, and my 81 year old Dad is helping; he is good with woodwork. He’s got his saws and lathe, and routers, so he is having as much fun as me, maybe more. When finished ,it will be used for fishing in some sheltered no wake lakes that are just for fishing - they have no sail, no inboard, NO JET SKI, no swimming restrictions. A low hp motor, gas or electric will be the power, but I wanted something I can be comfortable in. You know, stretch out and take that all important nap, and hang out on the lake for some night fishing, when the heat says no to the day fishing. Nothing like watching the sun come up while on a lake, it is almost spiritual.

I’m going to add a steering wheel, wooden ships style, and windows, lights, and a few other things to spruce her up - all ideas I have gleened from your site, Mr. Jim’s site, and things that I have seen in person or on the internet, or books and magazines. Let me say this: thank you very much for the subscription, that was very generous of you; it was not necessary. It is my pleasure to submit my doings to you fellows and maybe give someone else the urge to try it, anyone who was maybe doubting that they might be able to do something along these lines.

Thanks again,

Rodger Shull