(Reports from 2003)

Messabouts & Raids:

Aug 18-22 - California - Giant 5-day messabout

Aug 28 - Illinois - Antique Outboard Motor Club Swap meet

Sept 10, 11, 12 - Ontario - Amateur Boating Messabout - CANCELLED!

Sept 10, 11, 12 - Utah - Lake Powell Messabout

Sept 25 - Texas - John Welsford at Canyon Lake

October 2 - Maryland - John Welsford at Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

October 9 - Texas - 2nd Annual Palacios Raid

Flood in Poland

We keep our campjon during the navigating season on the water, moored to the quay, at a little inexpensive marina half an hour car ride from home. It allows us to go boating any time we have an impulse to do so and a few hours of free time, of course. You don’t have to go far from the port to have an adventure. You can even stay moored to the quay. Here is a report of the flood state in our marina. It was one day immediate rise, and the water level went up about 4-5 meters. After arriving at the club we (my son Antek and I) were stopped by the water in the gate! We took a kayak and paddled along inner roads to the slip (completely sunken) and to the basin to check our boat. She is in fine shape, dry and well moored to the floating platform. No boats were taken downstream this year (ten years ago during a little bigger flood there were a lot of them taken downstream, but we even didn't think about boating and things like that then). It was a big flood wave passing Warsaw, coming from Southern sidestreams of the Wisla river where it was raining a lot last week. The harbour did not exist at all, actually there was a main stream with sunken trees around. The day after the alert was over and we waited for a normal state to go boating and mow the lawn in the club. Here are some pics of the flood. They are in pairs with one flooded picture and one earlier at the same spot for reference. (click to enlarge)

This pair shows the top of the slip looking down

the bridge which usually connects floating platforms to the ground.

the slip during campjon's launch day and the flood day (look at the white mast!).

I have to tell that we enjoyed paddling very much!

-Wojtek (an unintentional canoeist)

Next time you see a dolphin playing off-shore, take a careful look because it just might be a Bionic Dolphin, with a V8 motor and a human being driving it from inside. Currently only found in Northern California, the Bionic Dolphin will soon be sold in kit form, enabling adventurers worldwide to experience underwater flight!

Read more at gizmo.com

Hey Chuckie !

Just a note that I really enjoyed the article on the Crater Lake passenger boats.

More than 20 years ago I had the pleasure of spending a summer operating similar-styled boats (I always called them "bus boats") in a different area of the country. Although the scenery maybe wasn't as dramatic, these passenger boats also had a long history, with service commencing in 1913. They ran until 2003 when the whole area was bull-dozed to make way for a convention center. Although the business is gone, I noticed it's website is still "up" as of this writing:


the boat in the photo, the "Sammy Lane," apparently originally came from Maryland, and had a cross-planked bottom ("Bay-built,"
as I think they say in that part of the country;

This boat and one other were powered by 318 cubic-inch Chrysler gasoline engines, and since I showed a bit of mechanical aptitude (this being well before my outboard motor days) I was given the job of changing the oil in the boats every Friday morning, I think it was.

I think they are both gone now, the usual fate that awaits old, tired work boats.

That is the same fate suffered by another boat that I had the pleasure of being "Captain" of that summer, a really solid 65-footer with twin diesels. I am attaching two photos of the pilothouse of that fine vessel;

One photo (above) taken by myself over 20 years ago, not long before the vessel ceased to operate, and another photo (below) taken a couple months ago.

The Crater Lake boats were "luckier" than most; I am glad to see that someone saw some value in some old passenger boats

By the way, being a "Captain" of an excursion boat in a tourist town is a sure-fire way to pick-up girls; something
about that silly-looking captain's hat..

Max Wawrzyniak

Four rowers rescued in Atlantic
Sunday, August 8, 2004 Posted: 9:11 AM EDT (1311 GMT)

LONDON, England (AP) -- Four Britons attempting to break the world trans-Atlantic rowing record were rescued Sunday after their boat broke up in heavy storms, the coastguard said.

A Swedish vessel picked up the crew of the Pink Lady, who were clinging to a life raft some 300 miles (482 kms) west of the Isles of Scilly, off England's southwestern tip.

The four oarsmen, who left Newfoundland in Canada on June 30, were trying to beat the current 55-day record when their boat was caught in a hurricane and split in two.

Falmouth Coastguard said one of the rowers was suffering from hypothermia and another had slight head injuries, but they did not need urgent hospital treatment.

The Swedish ship, Scandinavian Reefer, is scheduled to arrive at the port of Foynes on the west coast of Ireland on Monday.

The current record for the 2,100-mile (3,380-kilometer) journey was set in 1896 by two Norwegian fishermen and was equaled 17 years ago by Briton Tom McClean.

The Pink Lady team, which was raising money for the British Heart Foundation charity, hoped to complete the crossing in 35 to 40 days. Firefighter Mark Stubbs, 40, led the crew, which included journalist Jonathan Gornall, 48, digital mapping specialist John Wills, 33, and former special forces diver Pete Bray, 48.

Gornall told the British Broadcasting Corp. how the boat was battered by 30 feet (9 meter) high waves before being smashed into two pieces.

"The next thing we knew we were under water, fighting to escape the rear part of the vessel, which, on inspection afterward when we surfaced, appeared to be completely smashed by a tremendous wave," he said, via telephone from the Swedish ship.

The men activated their distress beacon at 0130 GMT Sunday and clambered into their life raft wearing survival suits. The coastguard initially scrambled a rescue helicopter, but it turned back because of the weather.

The coastguard stayed in contact with the crew via satellite phone and broadcast a mayday signal to alert nearby ships.

"We are all very grateful to be alive. It is a shame we didn't make it, but at least we can assure ourselves it wasn't anything we did wrong," Gornall told the BBC. "It was just, you know, you take on nature and you take what she delivers and on this particular occasion she delivered a killer blow."

A link to the photos taken by my freind, Bob Zieganhals, while hanging out of his little red airplane. There is an additional link to pictures from a Canadian Canoe Museum.



Tim Cowden

Palacios TX Dinghy Dash - Sep 2004

We are having a casual cruise / race where we sail out to a beach and camp there overnight then head 7 miles back the next day.

Everyone is welcome - there is a launch ramp only 1.5 miles away.

Full info about the event here:

Bill Tosh

From: Meenken [meenken@wise.net.nz]
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 1:01 AM
To: chuck.leinweber@gmail.com
Subject: Spade Anchor Safety Alert

Dear Mariner,

Spade Anchors are unsafe. Mechanical failure of a Spade Anchor was found by the Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand to have directly caused the loss of the yacht "Deep Blue".

Some simple modifications can make a Spade Anchor safe. Please warn your readership. Details in the URL below.



Diederik Meenken
PO Box 21144 Flagstaff
New Zealand

Giant 5 day Messabout

in San Diego CA August 18-22
2004, with camping on site in San Diego's south bay.
This is great sailing for shallow draft vessels and
great shark fishing if so inclined...

Where: Fiddlers Cove Marina, Coronado CA.
Fiddlers Cove Marina
NB Coronado
Silver Strand Highway
San Diego 92106

This is a US Navy installation so no contraband
please. All are welcome. It would be good to let Annie
Kolls know you are coming though. Scuzmum(at)aol DOT
com (That is an email address)

Hope to see you there.

Scott Calman

Subject: Sound proof product

Dear: Chuck

Attached is a brief explanation of our product.

Please, if you need further information contact me at 310-324-0149 or email : carlos@soshinusa.com

Noxudol-3101 is a water-base, viscous elastic, noise, and vibration absorbing compound. It’s excellent for damping resonances in aluminum, steel, frp, wood, and polyglass. Our product performs better than older technologies, with less weight, less bulk, less material and less labor cost. Our product can be over painted with mostly any type of paint use in the marine industry.

Best regards,

Carlos Rivas