June - 2007

Harmonica Part 5
This episode of Bill Nolen's ongoing series about building a shantyboat, begins with the boat being turned right side up and ends with window framing.

Power QT Skiff
If you are going to modify a boat design, even one as simple as Jim Michalak's QT Skiff, it's best to consult the deisgner. That's exactly what Chris Crandall did.

AF4Breve Built in the Land of OZ
Daniel Mark Peterson has his priorities straight: At 16 years of age, this AF4Brieve is his third boat building project, and he even lets his dad help out.

First Time? Try a Nymph
It's been a long time since Phil Bolger designed his Nymph, but it still makes a great first time project. Just ask Stacy Smith and his son Cary.

A Tale of Two Boats - Part 2
Here is a twofer. Stephen Collins updates us on a story he started last year. It is the tale of his Microtrawler and his daughter's Peanut Pram.

Expedition Trimaran
When self confessed 'trimaran geek', Kellan Hatch started looking for a bigger boat, it was not long before Chris Ostlind's XCR caught his eye.

My First Boat Project Remembered
R emember your first boat project? Cecil Severs remembers his, warts and all, and he takes us on a trip back to Austin, Texas, a quarter century ago.

How To

Skate Sailing
In this article, Donald Freix describes how to make and use a crabclaw sail for Skate sailing. Never heard of it? Neither had I but it sure looks like fun!

Fast Blades
We have posted several articles on rudder foils, but this one by Alan Glos talks about his experiences working within the restrictions of one design rules.


Up the ‘Pokai’ in TruantSea
With his wife, Grahame Harris take TruantSea on a trip to the scene of New Zealand boyhood adventures - and finds it just as compelling as he remembered.


The EC in a Pygmy Osprey Triple
Here is a great article, complete with sound clips, documenting the successful Everglades Challenge campaign by David Wicks and Dan Lockwood.

Cedar Key 2007
Gary Blankenship attended this year's Cedar Key Messabout and took his camera. Here is a short story and long photo essay - Lots of eye candy here.


Ross Lillistone is of the opinion that small boat sailors do not reef often enough. In this article he covers the subject in general and as it relates to his Phoenix III.

A `toot sweet’ cruise, Seriously windling, Moonen’s latest and a late friend Melvin.
This month, Mark Steele begins his column with a fanciful and fun bit of fiction.

Making Friends with your Diesel
Charlie Whipple is soon to undertake an around the world voyage so it is understandable that he would engage in excercises such as this.

Chapter 8: Scarfing
In his new book, David Nichols presents one of the most comprehensive descriptions of scarfing I have seen, and He has kindly let us post it here.

Motor Well Modifications – Part 2
What do you do when the only motor you can afford is one that is really too large for your boat's transom? Rob Rohde-Szudy knows all about it.


Building the PUD-g
Here is another multichine hulled small boat from Warren Messer. It is much like his Laura Bay but short and beamy - just right for a yacht tender.

Handy Punt
This boat is light, stable, easy to build, and it might just be the perfect boat. It was Australian designer Michael Storer's third design and it still works.

Plastic Fantastic
There is a school of thought that says the best boats are built from locally available materials. Rod Cantrill had sheets of ABS plastic to work with.

14 ft. Flap-Jack Float Boat
Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Harold Duffield presents a good plan for building aluminum boats and starting a river float rental business.


The Misquito Coast
Bob Means has written here before about the time he and his wife spent in Nicaragua. Now he has sent us a bunch of pictures of the natives and the boats.


Small Boats on Green Waters
This is sort of a book review but really more of an introduction in which I let the editor of the book, Brian Anderson do most of the talking.


Wind in MY Face
Poem by Captain Ron Thweatt