March - 2007

Harmonica Part 2
Bill Nolen's Harmonica is beginning to look like a boat. There are lots of pictures this time - and real progress as the little shanty goes 3-D.

William Atkin's "Scandal"
Having built "quite a few boats" over the years, Pat Patteson decided it was time for a little more challenge. The result is this neat lapstrake skiff.

Pirogue and Swamp Girl
Sometimes paddle boats all look the same, especially to a beginner. Here, Michael Webb compares both the construction and use of two that he has built.

We All Make Mistakes
What boat builder has not goofed with some modification that did not work out? Eric Staggs has and he goes on to tell us all the details.

Building Indian Girl
We have only been offering David Nichols designs for a short time and already we have one being built. Follow along as Richard Honan builds Indian Girl.

How To

More on Foils - Foilstrip
We have had several great articles lately on NACA foils. Fortunately, Tom Hamernik has created this free spreadsheet to help calculate these things.

More on Scrapers
Donald Freix was kind enough to contribute this article on sharpening scrapers as a sort of addendum to Paul Butler's article from last month.


Jackrabbit Cruises the Baskatong
Burton Blais built a John Welsford Houdini and cruises it in and around Ontario. This is a pictorial essay with commentary compiled from several such trips.

The Pukaskwa Coast, July 10-21, 2006
I have to say that this is one of the best adventure stories we have ever published. Jose Joven has done a great job of making us feel we were there.


Oh, My Aching Back!
You can save a lot of money fixing old outboards, but not if you end up in the hospital from lifting one. Max Wawrzyniak shows you how to avoid injury.

Searching for Sven
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a marina? Here, Harold Duffield weaves a true tale of intrigue, power, vast egos and revenge.

Traditional Small Boat Class
Pete Leenhouts retired and went back to school - boatbuilding school, that is. Here is a report from one of several classed he is taking.

A bit of vocabulary and a great knot
This is David Nichols' latest column in which he explains the difference between the end, the bitter end and the bight. He also throws in a useful knot.

Swiss Mini Sail mastery, `newie’ sailors, a mighty fine square rigger and those Kiwi cat-rigged Fiji schooners!
Mark Steele's singular column on boat models.

To Have a Hard Dinghy
Roy McBride lives in Cape Town but he has sailed all over the Atlantic Ocean and during his adventures has learned a thing or two about tenders.

Outboard Motor Dirty Tricks
Rob Rohde-Szudy is a font of DIY information. He says it is like Tourette's - he can't help himself. This time he has a collections of short projects for outboards.


Building the 9 ft HSP Flycaster - Part 2
Here is the second part of Warren Messer's presentation on building "Flycaster", the 9 foot version of his Hudson Springs Pram.

Combo Camper
I have lots of clever designs to solve the problem of how to tow a boat and camp trailer at the same time, but Harold Duffield may have the best idea yet.

Hawbuck (née Stripper Troutboat)
Ever heard of a strip planked, tunnel hull jonboat? How about one that folds in half? Leave it to my free thinking friend Larry Pullon to bring that idea to life!

Building the 9ft HSP Flycaster
There has been a lot of interest in Warren Messer's Hudson Springs Pram so he has designed a smaller, solo version and begins it's construction here.


2006 Contest Results
Here are the results of the judges rankings. You can read their comments under each entry (see the key).






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