Building a "Swift Canoe" -or- The Tale of The Twisted Plywood
Every boat builder I know likes to encourage wannabees to take the plunge. Pat Johnson did just that, but what he did not know was that Jeremy Herrin would jump in over his head.

A Tale of Two Boats - Part 3
Stephen Collins finished his Microtrawler recently and in true homebuilder style. He christened her "Someday" with Creme Brule. That's fitting for a boat that took three years to build.

The “Rooster’s” Tale
I have met several re-enactors who have built traditional boats. Don Craig is one and here he tells the story of Rooster, a 35 foot 'bateau' built traditionally and used realistically.

Building Muga and Tonka
If you can believe an experienced boater like Larry Pullon would need a canoe with "training wheels" then you will believe this story about how he designed and built just such an animal.


Modified Birdsmouth Spars
Four years ago, Gaétan Jetté wrote an article for us that seemed like the last word on Birdsmouth spars. Now he has taken another look at the subject and offers new information.


Autumn Sunday on Lake Rotoma with Truantsea
During our recent trip to New Zealand, we did not get to meet Grahame Harris. That is a terrible shame because, as you will see from this story, this fellow knows how to enjoy life.

Muga and Tonka go Swimming!
Here is the sequel to Larry Pullon's article from Monday. It seems his unusual idea has a lot of merrit. As you can see from the picture at left these are very stable boats.


The Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
I did not make it to Sydney for the show this year and chances are that you didn't make it either. Fortunately for us, Greg Fleming did and he took a lot of pictures.

Debatable Inflatable
The Texas 200 begins today and Kellan Hatch will be there. He originally planned to sail his XCR trimaran but fate stepped in and he had to make some last minute changes to make it

Mahurangi Regatta
Frank Bates, the new owner of Paul Groom's Pathfinder, Varuna is back with another of his great tales of adventure. In this one, Sandra and I play a small part - enjoy.


A desirable outpost, a stunning windjammer. North Carolina oyster sharpies and Harban’s most exclusive little yacht klub
Mark Steele's wonderful potpouri of model boat news.

Boat Design without the Compromises
Is a boat design greater than the sum of its parts or is it all about compromise? In his monthly column, Michael Storer takes a look at this question and gives the antipodean view.

Wheel Steering Revisited
The title tells what the article is about, but it does not give a hint of the depth and imagination involved in Rob Rohde-Szudy's 'take-no-prisoners' approach to DIY boatbuilding.


Introducing the EZ Canoe
You probably remember Ken Simpson's three-piece, nesting pram called "Toter". Now Ken has designed a nifty little canoe with the same nesting feature - a great summer project.

Ozarkian Update
Jim Michalak designed this boat a few years ago but it was not built until Recently. Here is a report on the prototype of this historic boat rendered in modern materials and methods.

American Ingenuity
Here is a quick and cheap boat that anyone can build for a few dollars and a little time. Ben Glick, Daniel Glick, and Jeff Moening give complete instructions in this article.

Crestwood Gig
Here is the latest Joe Dobler design to be reintroduced thanks to his son-in-law, Tom Setum. The Crestwood Gig is an open water racer with six sweeps and Cox, perfect for groups.


Special Report: The Fate of Resolution
In case you have not heard, Charlie Whipple had to end his bid to solo circumnavigate this week when his boat Resolution went onto the rocks off New Zealand and was lost.


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