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We have a date and a website and are announcing the Big Lagoon Messabout today. All types of boats are welcome at this messabout; traditional or modern, wooden or fiberglass, power, sail or oar.

David Luckhardt

Dan Noyes is an accomplished Wooden BoatBuilder on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Following in a family tradition of boatbuilding, Dan practices his craft in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Some crazy stuff going on down under...

Real men make their own cold weather gear.


You might be interested in this idea... its about making a generator from a lawn mower engine and an automoblie alternator. Mind you ear plugs should be a part of the package:-)


Here's a website by a fellow named Ray
Jardine who has developed quite a few
products related to camping, kayaking, and treking. He sells these products as diy kits on his website. Anyhow, it is an
interesting site by an interesting guy.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine is a really good publication. I started to browse it and found THIS in the December issue.


Someone should buy this boat - it would be great for fishing.


This LINK will take you to a site called 'wikiproa' which has information about proas build by Kevin O'Neill, Skip Johnson, Paul Bowker, Leon Close, and Wade Tarzia.

You have seen lots of amphicars - some, even, in these pages. So how about a diving car? Trust Gizmag to do a story like this.

This Torqueedo electric outboard motor looks interesting. Here is the Video...

... and here is the English version of the Torqueedo website.

One of our kayak club members - Pat Welsh - made a documentary of his 2005 Wilderness Waterway trip. Here is a link to a preview video...


... and here is his website which has the full video for sale.


Bob Larkin built the first BirdwatcherII which was specifically re-designed by Phil Bolger to use the 2 HP Honda as auxiliary power. Here is a link to a flickr album.


I am building (for 10 month now) the dinghy 3.8 from Radoslaw Werszko . The site is HERE...

... I have a lot of pictures of the building process, and a little brief about what I did here. It is in Spanish, so you could use Babelfish.


America’s First Hybrid Using Diesel - Solar - Electric Drive

I love to listen to Noel and Christy's Furled Sails. Every guest is asked the question about why they love sailing.  Well, it got me to thinking that I should pursue this idea for my self.  So I decided to do a short essay on Why I Sail. 

Larry Whited

I am very happy to report I had a lot of fun building a One Sheet Skiff and in the process made some friends (with benefits; ie free oars!).

The pictures can be found here.


Check out some beautiful as yet unrated boats Czarina is my favorite and electric drive.


Oddly enough this video about sailing in landlocked Colorado.


Try THIS for finding accurate numbers for NACA foil sections.


Hi Chuck - I blogged Owen Sinclair's story at today - I hope you approve.


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