River Runner Update

A Canoe for Mornings on the River
You would expect Max Wawrzyniak to bring some clever solutions to any problem and you would be right.  Read what happened when he decided to reduce his CO2 footprint.

Montgomery 17 Joinery
I always imagine what it would be like to do a fancy refinish job on the interior of a boat like a Montgomery 17, but I never have. Stacy Smith has, though, and he did a really nice job.

Oracle in New Jersey
Jim Michalak is known for easy to build boats that give up nothing in terms of performance. Ted Kilsdonk built Jim's Oracle and rows it in New Jersey with his two sons.

Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff - Part 3
In this final installment, Gary Blankenship and Olivier Chamel finish the Goat Island Skiff and take her sailing. Gary was good enough to include several interesting video clips this time.


FoilCuts - sketches and text
Cutting a foil section from a wood blank is an intimidating proposition. Here, Tom Hamernik breaks the process down into easy steps that anyone can follow.

Setting Copper Rivets
In order to build his Pete Cullar skiff, Mike Norris would have to set copper rivets. But he wanted to do as much of the work as he could  by himself so he developed some special tools.


A Fall Sailing Story
Pamlico Sound is one of the best cruising areas for small boats and John Welsford's Pathfinder is one of the best small cruising boats. Iin this story, Steve Earley enjoys the best of both.


A Boat for the Texas 200
As a school teacher, Dan St Gean has limited resources, but as soon as he heard about the Texas200 he was determined to come. In this story he discusses his options and final decision.


Of model shipwrights and just sailors of model yachts, and sometimes the twain doth meet!
Mark Steele's wonderful monthly potpouri of model boat news.

Kincrome 90mm Block Plane
Tools are expensive - so we are always looking for bargains. In this timely article, John Welsford shows you how a few simple steps can make a cheap block plane much more useful.

Tool Review: Alinghi Sailing Knife by Wenger
If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the sailor who has everything, Chris Ostlind has a suggestion. This sailing knife by the Swiss Army Knife folks is loaded with quality.

Homemade Anchors for Weedy Bottoms
It can be difficult to anchor on a shallow, weedy bottom, as Rob Rohde-Szudy knows too well. Having made his own anchors before he came up with one that works well in weeds.


Bridget 82
Christer Byström has been sending us reports of his boat designing and building adventures for years. Read his report on a new boat that uses an Optimist sail, rudder and centerboard.

Strider - A Mirage drive powered, two person launch
Chris Ostlind is a clever guy - if that is an adequate word to describe someone who can design beautiful boats that perform at the highest levels and yet can be built by any amateur.


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