Building the Sprucegoose
Would it ever occur to you to build a canoe out of cheap spruce t&g wainscotting? It would not occur to me either. It occured to Brian Anderson, though. He built this boat in 20 hours, for $50

Building Pathfinder - Part 5
In this month's installment of Perry Burton's series, He tackles one of the most difficult parts of a John Welsford boat: the cockpit coaming. Take notes here because he nailes it.


Homemade Paddles for Homemade Boats…
It is funny how many of us who build canoes and kayaks then go buy our paddles. None of that for Glynn Sirmans - he rolls his own and shows us how to do the same thing ourselves.

Redecking a Blue Jay
I admire Bob Booth for having the tenacity to continue this project. At first it looked to me like a real labor of love, but with the new decks on, it is starting to seem like a boat again.

Kitsetting Glued Lapstrake Boat Designs
You might think that creating a kit for a lapstrake boat would be easy. You would be wrong. Alec Jordan has spent years producing lapstrake boat kits and gives a good overview.


No outings this month


A (Rio) Grande Sojourn - Part 1
This is a photo essay that I put together. It covers a paddle trip that Skip Johnson and I were luck enough to take part in last February. Last week he wrote about the boat he built for it.

A (Rio) Grande Sojourn - Part 2


The Big Lebowski - Slimed
We are taking the unsual action of printing two letters from Ed Einhorn in which he reports some even more unusual actions by person or persons unknown. Ed thinks he knows who it is.

It May Change Your Life...
In this essay, Ross Lillistone takes careful aim at misinformation, particularly on the internet. I guess it is not surprising that he originally wrote this for a print magazine.

Where The Wind Blows
There seems to be a very wide spectrum of model sailing boats and the ways that they are used, and where  they brighten peoples lives as Mark Steele reveals.

Remembering Phil Bolger
Gary Blankenship probably knew Phil Bolger as well as anyone who contributes to this site so it is only fitting that he would put his memories of the man down for the rest of us admirers.

Why Be Timid and Conventional?
Today we have a treat: The inaugural column by Paul Boyer. Paul will be writing monthly from a beginner's perspective in a feature called: "Confessions of a Novice Boat Builder".

Lateen is Keen
Sometimes Paul Austin is "Out There" but sometimes he is down to earth - as in this discussion of types of sails. From the title you may be able to deduct that he favors Lateen sails.

Aluminum Casting Part 3 - Casting Other Metals
In this final installment of Rob Rohde-Szudy's series on Aluminum casting, he talks about casting other metals, specifically Iron. Who knew there were amateur iron molders?


After sailing the Texas200, I asked Jim Michalak to design the perfect boat for that event. Now that another one has come and gone, I am pretty sure we got it right. Why not build one?.

Building SLACKTIDE: A T26x7
Back in 2000 Duckworks had a design contest and Dave Zeiger entered his Trilobyte design. It did not win but Dave has since designed a whole family of of these striking and unique boats.

Mangrove Jack
Here is a brand new design by Mark Bowdidge. It is a reliable and seaworthy little fishing boat that looks like a fiberglass boat - yet it is quick to build with modern S&G composite methods.


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