• February Letters

  • One True Thing - Conversations With JohnW - Pt 1
    Boatbuilding brings people together. Jackie tells us of her time with John Welsford and reveals, among many things, that John Welsford has a lot of other interests.

    Strawlering is the conversion of a sailboat into a power boat, a strawler. Sound crazy? - Read on!

  • February Splash

  • Where the Winds Blow...
    Of friends never met, Robert the writer-lifeliver and
    `Swede’ Johnson, for both yachting and model yachts,
    plus Harry Duncan’s balsa Footy scows.

    Jagular Goes South - Part 2
    Part two of the popular story written with humor and tension about a boat in the Texas 200. The mast broke remember...

    Dave's Excellent Adventure
    This article proves that you don't need water to sail, but it has some great water shots to keep everyone happy.

  • February Reports

  • Update on "Sweetie"
    This is a large project that has taken quite a while, but the results are beautiful, especially the cabin.

    Stella - Part Two
    This is part two of an article about a boat inspired by Bolger's Queen Mab. The deck goes on, the boat is finished and we see some great sailing pics.

    EasyB - Knots, Why not?
    There are some great tips here on strip planking, handling knots in planks, cutting plank stock and gluing. This article may just convice you to have a go!

    Boat in a Bag
    On my arrival in Bermuda, I was asked what was in the bag, as it was obviously not a set of golf clubs. I told the customs agent, "It's a boat." To this he replied, "Oh, I've got to see this."

    Kurkprop Across Delagoa Bay
    A great tale of a great trip with three generations that ends with stormy seas.

    Duck Conquers All
    A little history, a little poetry and a large look at the Texas 200 by Paul Austin.

  • February Webwatch

  • Scientific American $3.00 Scow
    What started as a bit of a google on the Web, turned into this great history of scows. Larry shares what he discovers.

    Boat Named Father Browne
    A special project dedicated to a good friend. This is the building of the Forest and Stream Skiff, Father Browne.

    Intracoastal Waterway
    We've all done it. We've sat in the cockpit and moved the tiller while thinking. Paul's boat will be a reality soon and he starts to investigate his voyages.

    Building a Lake Skiff - Part Nine - The other 40%
    It has been a little while since we have heard from Charlie. This time he completes the other 40% of his project.

    Laguna Dos Build - Part One
    There will be a lot of Lagunas built and these photos will help a lot of Laguna builders. There should be quite a presence at the Texas 200.

    The New Shop
    Moving shop is such fun. Here Rob talks us through setting up his new shop.

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