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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

A blog by a couple building a Richard Woods catamaran. There is some other boat building stuff in the archives as well.


Here is a couple of videos of Bris "Amfibie". As recently posted on Youtube. 1 and 2.


Free Book: The Call of the South, by Louis Becke

Free Book: The Ebbing of the Tide, by Louis Becke

Free: Anthology of ship model plans.

Free: Two in one Camper Boat.

Free: New sailboat you can build.

Mike John

The WR 17 North Channel Adventure just went up on the Small Tri site. It has been posted in two parts – one now and one later.


TruPlug Emergency Leak Repair.

Bill Tosh

It's actually the 175th anniversary of the foundation of Adelaide. Here is a radio interview with Peter Christopher from the group Save the City of Adelaide.

Greg F

Here's one from Larry Page that should interest you all. Hard to imagine this speed and knowing you could explode at any time.


Here is a link to the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michael's, MD, of photos taken by Barry Long, a guy who is part way through building TWO cedar strip Melonseeds. He is a professional photographer and does nice work, both on boats and pictures. The 9 minute video of the race shot from a small boat is particularly a treat. I spy some sailing canoes, Melonseeds, and even a Pathfinder there, I think.


A link to the NIS forum. It has a lot of photos and information about the Norwalk Islands Sharpie (NIS).

Another Sharpie builder - based in Adelaide - Paul Atkins - has started a blog on the construction of his 26 footer.


John Almberg's boat blog is updated quite often and may be of interest to Duckworks readers.


YouTube movie of my trip.


The link is about a house boat.


Here is an interesting review of random orbital sanders from John Harris.


Some good paddle boats here.


Seasick anyone?

Bruce Armstrong

Here's W's latest super-stability movie.


For those interested to know the planking on my navigator is completed and has been out of shop for the first time. Out of the rather cramped space of the shop I could for the first time appreciate the lovely curves of the boat. Thanks John she looks great. This was also the chance to lower the build stand for the next stages. The pictures are there to be enjoyed. Mind you if you go to the pages. There is word of the intended electric drive and some adoptions made to incorporate this.

Wilfried Vermeiren

Replica Phoenician ship ends round-Africa journey.


A method of connecting two part boats.


This is Al Myer's Penobscot 14 named "Wee Lass". It is a "piece of "furniture" boat that gets sailed more that any boat that I know of. The video and photos were put together by Tommy Jensen, Esquire. All of Texas and Louisiana have admired the way this boat looks and sails. I once saw it sailing on Offatts Bayou in Galveston Island on my way to a soccer tournament. I have seen it sail on two bays and five lakes.... so far. The video is from Lake Somerville and Offatts Bayou and the pictures are from Matagorda Bay, Texas.


I thought you might be interested to see this nice video of my Periwinkle design. Video shot by Rick Sutton from his Navigator, edited by Paul Hernes, and boat sailed by owner, John Shrapnel.

Ross Lillistone

Chuck, Thank you for posting a link to my website about the Caledonia Yawl (Crazybird) and The Voyage of The Aegre. Please note the URL of this has now changed. Please update your link.

Nick Grainger

This is a most amusing video (quite long) about some sailing vagabond hippy types who buy an old boat and go sailing. Very well done and well worth sharing...


I had a good time on the water on the last day of October - hard to believe the year really is on the turn. No wind, so a wonderful row, and some good pix of the sun going down over the Edinburgh skyline. I think this is one of the benefits of a Walkabout - in the winter good days are often windless, or rather if it's windy enough to sail, it's too cold to want to get wet! So a boat that rows well means you can enjoy those still calm days. We often seem to have beautiful, crisp, calm days around New Year. I'm look forward to launching over the frosted beach if conditions allow. And what's more, rowing keeps you warm! Osbert

Dean Herring who is building the Mikesboat has had good results with your epoxy so I am giving it a try.

Mark Gumprecht has sent me a set of pictures of the construction of his new trimarans.

Tom Raidna

Online : Downwind faster than the wind: Blackbird sets a record.


Clever - and remarkably effective, I'd say.

Gavin Atkin

This is from the wooden boats in Australia. It seems to be full of information for the boat person.

Cheers Stewart

I've put a few of Jim Posts sailing pics for the Goose up. The gently planing one is fun.


This was posted on Wooden Boat Forums a few days ago. I watched the whole thing, and loved it.


Cheers, Christophe

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