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  • January Letters
  • Finishing Another Man's Dream
    I saw the ad on Craig’s List. “23 ft Aquarius Sailboat $1,000”. It seemed cheap enough, even in the crashed used boat market of 2010. I bought it.

    2010 North Channel Cruise - Part Three
    “It has been real. It has been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun yet.”

    Corsica 15 R
    Here's a new boat I just developed for fast solo sailing. The Corsica 15 R is a light, demountable design for performance day sailing that has been created for homebuilders.

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

    Adsense, no sense at all  what it’s like being sacked by a computer...
    Google's motto, "Don't be evil" takes on a whole new meaning when you read this sad story from Dylan Winter, of Keep Turning Left fame.

  • January Splash

  • The Keuka Whaler - Part Five
    Craig has been working on his boat for about a year. This time he looks at rigs and reefing.

    Scarfing Jig - Part Two
    A Jig for Cutting Stringer Scarfs for the Seaclipper 20 continues.

    Scarfing Jig - Part One
    A Jig for Cutting Stringer Scarfs for the Seaclipper 20 - Continues tomorrow.

  • January Reports

  • A Real Blow on Big Water
    Bob says that he is a lake sailor, and not a particularly adventurous one at that. This time adventure found him.

    Under the Roller-Door
    ... I found myself sitting under the roller-door of my main shed, cup of black coffee in hand, watching the rain pour down onto our small country property. At that time I reflected on my boatbuilding odyssey.

  • January Treasure Chest

  • Ultra-Pram
    The ULTRA-PRAM was conceived by Roland Moose of North Carolina. He wanted a portable yet robust boat for daily fishing trips that was stable and had plenty of room for his fishing gear. Done!

    The Least Boat: Part Three
    After the last two articles, I've decided to look at deadrise boats and flat bottomed boats.

  • January Webwatch
  • Building the B&B Lapwing 16 - Part One
    After damaging and losing my sailboat in the tumultuous 2009 Texas 200, I returned home and began searching for a replacement boat. I selected Graham's newest cat ketch design, the Lapwing 16.

    Building the B&B Lapwing 16 - Part Two
    The next step was to shape and install the external keel and stem. The shape of the stem required laminating strips. Here's how I did it.

    Building the B&B Lapwing 16 - Part Three
    Okay, time to paint again. I did some masking and then borrowed my buddy's paint rig again. Then the work started.

    Choosing the Right Boat
    Having had over a year to think things out since the last build, a motor cruiser seemed to be a better option as I cannot see my wife hauling up sails. The big question is which one?

    Chicagoland Pathfinder
    After about three years of part-time work, seemingly endless winters and more than a few interruptions, I finally launched my Pathfinder. Here it is!

    Quick Canoe Electric
    A motorised fishing or travelling boat that can be easily cartopped and comes out of three sheets of ply by Michael Storer

    Fall Colors Run with the Antique Outboard Motor Collectors
    'It is hard to believe that this article marks five years straight of my monthly offering in these virtual pages'. Rob Rohde-Szudy