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  • February Letters
  • The Electric Moto Craft (EMC) Launch
    This new design has been floating around in my head for several years now.

    A Journey Off to One Side
    This missive came about because a couple of Duckwork Forum members asked me to expound on how I had "missed the mark" so far in this particular endeavor.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • February Splash

  • A PuddleDuck and the Everglades Challenge -3
    All homeboat builders have experienced first cut fever when you are hesitant to push that circular saw through plywood committing yourself to hours of building...

    Die Foldermaus - Part Three
    At this point I went to my local hardware store and was seduced by the lair of the siren at my local big box hardware store.


  • February Reports

  • Gamaray, a Mayfly 14, Does the Texas200 - PT 2
    The next morning I loaded the boat up and headed to Magnolia Beach to meet my friend Stan Roberts.

    Small Boat Stoves - Part One
    I will attempt to show a few of the many cooking stoves that are suitable (or not suitable?) for use on small sailboats.

    A Camping Trip to End All Camping Trips - Pt. 1
    It all began with a Boston Harbor Islands camping trip with my youngest son Stephen.


  • February Treasure Chest

  • The Sea Anchor
    Most blue water sailors feel any boat that ventures off shore needs a sea anchor or drogue for heavy weather and I completely agree.

    Designing and Building a Sailing Kayak - Part 4
    By June 11th it was time to close up the bow and stern section.

    Launching Irascible
    A Home-Built and Home-Designed Trimaran Sailing Dinghy.


  • February Webwatch

  • A Little Adventure
    The good folks who take care of the National Historic Landmark Schooner Adventure loaned me the lines to their ship.

    Back to Building, Design Becomes Reality
    The overall length of the boat would be about 20 feet and my shop, read single car garage, is only 23 feet long by 13 feet wide.

    Time for a New Leeboard
    The genesis for this project came from an observation from designer Jim Michalak.

    Dinghy on a Budget - Part 2
    After my initial article I was eager to complete the sail and rigging to get the boat on the water for a test

    Building a Puddle Duck Racer
    I first became aware of the little "Puddle Duck Racer" while reading an article about the 2008 Texas 200 sailing marathon.

    Making Time - The Lower Wisconsin River - Pt 2
    Most islands have at least one side with a drop-off that makes it easy to beach a motorboat.