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  • March Letters

  • 2011 Texas 200 in a Day Sailer II - Part One
    I had tried to sail the Texas 200 in 2010 single handed in my 1976 Day Sailer II and only made it two days before I had to pull out.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • March Splash

  • A PuddleDuck and the Everglades Challenge - 4b
    I was looking around my workshop trying to think of materials to use to make a nice sturdy oarlock when I happened to look at a practice dodger frame I had bent out of ¾" galvanized conduit.

    A PuddleDuck and the Everglades Challenge - 4a
    Yes, you heard me right. There WILL be a Puddle Duck Racer doing the 2012 300 mile Everglades Challenge.

    Gamaray, a Mayfly 14, Does the Texas200 - Pt 3
    I have built rudders for larger boats and always used bolts instead of screws, but I really did not think that such a small blade on such a small boat would generate enough force to rip out 1#10 screws.


  • March Reports

  • Special Reoprt:
    The FCC rules against Lightsquared

    Small Boat Stoves - Part Two
    Last month Bill Nolen wrote about the different types of alcohol stoves that can be used on small boats. This month in Part two he writes about Butane and Propane stoves.

    Michalak Ladybug Re-boarding Ladder
    Here is a quick sketch showing the components of the ladder I recently adapted for my Ladybug.


  • March Treasure Chest

  • More Electronics, Maintenance and Mechanical Electronics
    I could have had all the work done by a yard but I believe any owner needs to "own" the engine as best he or she can.

    A Camping Trip to End All Camping Trips - Pt. 2
    We awoke about 8 the next morning to find rain and wind both much diminished.


  • March Webwatch

  • Macho Men of the Sea
    A friend told me he hadn't moved in 30 years, and dreads the thought like it was a bear at the door. I sympathize.

    Build A 15 Mph Boat For Under $1500? - Pt. 2
    Fortunately, not everything I built was quite so laughable.

    Build A 15 Mph Boat For Under $1500? - Pt. 1
    My goal was simple: I wanted to get 15 mph out of a boat that would cost me less than $1500 to build.

    Disasters Come in Threes
    We sailors tend to de a superstitious lot on the whole, and why not, when you are dealing with something as vast and immutable as the sea it pays to be conservative.

    Phil Bolger and Bob Hicks Changed my Life
    In 1964 I built an 18' pontoon boat from Science and Mechanics plans, put a small cabin on it, loaded it with 100 pounds of books and an alcohol stove, and tried to circumnavigate the East Coast.

    The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding
    A Busy Summer at The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding.

    Roper 9000 - Part 1
    Around three years ago I decided I wanted a 9 meter shoal draft yacht.

    A Two-Sheet Pirogue - Part 1
    OK, who am I kidding? Upon gaining some free floorspace I was seized with the uncontrollable urge to build a pirogue.